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Review: Frozen

Frozen a freezing adventure is the latest animation from Disney. The design created a lot of expectation before its launch, probably because it made it clear that it would go back to the roots of the company's works, investing in princesses (TWO in this case!) And setting the musical style. 

Before Frozen starts, we already have the great joy of seeing the short 'Time to Travel', which mixes CGI with hand-made animation. It is a style of classic animation in black and white, made by some of the most talented artists today. The short, which is reminiscent of the 1928 studio shorts, the first year of the Mickey, has been enhanced with a touch of 3D. In its original version, it was voiced by himself Walt Disney. The short is wonderful, very funny and engaging, being a pleasant introduction to the animation.

The plot features Elsa, which has the special gift of creating ice. After an accident with his sister A-N-A, is forced to isolate itself from the world to hide its powers, which only increase. As a result of this isolation, Ana no longer sees her sister and the palace gates are closed, leaving the entire royal family isolated and Ana really lonely. After a few years, her parents die in an accident while traveling and Elsa is forced to be queen of Arendelle. Of course, this makes Elsa very nervous, as she does not have full control of her powers and cannot let anyone know of their existence.

Elsa e Ana
Frozen: A Freezing Adventure | Image: Disney

As if the nervousness of having to become queen while being forced to completely control any type of emotion was not enough, Ana decides to help by getting engaged to the prince Hans, which you just met. Yes, she met the guy only a few hours ago and she already wants to get married, very prudent on her part ... Of course it makes Elsa nervous and during the fight that this causes, she ends up accidentally freezing Arendell, which makes her run away and isolate herself. Now, Ana intends to look for her sister and try to resolve the situation. In her quest, she finds Kristoff and his faithful Rena and the fluffy snowman Olaf.

Frozen Hans e Ana
Hans and Ana in Frozen: A Freezing Adventure | Image: Disney

You can see that the film has the famous clichés of Disney, but ended up having much less than expected. The plot was wonderfully well developed, with a very mature and well-fluid script, even entitled to moments that impress you with the departure of the original cliché. As always, Disney did not fail to impress in the scenarios and apparently the choice of ice was something that helped a lot. It was not uncommon for moments when the landscape managed to impress in beauty.

But, above all that, the feature excels in comedy. Olaf, with his innocent and cute way managed to get lots of laughs, both from adults and children. Olaf was already the great promise of the production, since the trailers he has already conquered the public and definitely, without him the animation would be nothing.

Olaf in Frozen: A Freezing Adventure | Image: Disney

The plot has beautiful teachings and a final moral lesson, however the development of the characters leaves a little to be desired. With the exception of the protagonist sisters, the motives and backgrounds of most characters are little explored, with only brief explanations.

Frozen a freezing adventure follows the standards of Disney Princesses, which is at least a positive and negative point in the animation. Bringing the essence of the old drawings, it manages to please children and adults, but has the tendency to pull to the feminine side.

See the full factsheet and full cast of Frozen: A Frozen Adventure

Thunder Wave note
The animation refers to the good times of Disney Princesses, having a coherent script and a beautiful message.



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