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The woman's place is where she wants, including in games

By Giselle Lazaro

Gabriela Silvério, “hanabi hyuuga”, is the first woman in the League of Legends (LOL) of Rensga. The young woman has always been in the world of games playing Call of Duty and Counter Strike, but 4 years ago she found the LoL that gave him the opportunity to make a profession that was already his passion. In an interview with, she tells about her trajectory as a gamer, what challenges she faced and what she thinks about the future of the profession.

Fndom: How did you realize that you wanted to play professionally?

Gabriela: I've always prioritized the game even without playing professionally. So, I decided to turn into a profession something that I really like and that I had already dedicated so much time to. I had a lot of support from my friends who always talked about my potential and this also influenced me to seek a vacancy in the profession.

Fndom: How was your trajectory until joining the Rensga team?

G: My trajectory was quite simple, actually, since the Rensga sieve was my first participation in an official championship. Before, I only played solo and looked for an opportunity; when a friend sent me the sieve ad and I decided to give it a try.

Fndom: How do you feel being the first woman to join the Rensga team?

G: I am very happy to have been chosen to be part of the team and even more to be the first. I'm sure this choice will make room for many other girls. It's gratifying to have a positive result from something I've been doing for years. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing that I wasn't wasting my time and that so many people saw potential in me.

O lugar da mulher é onde ela quiser, inclusive nos games 1
Gabriela Silvério “Hanabi Hyuuga” (support) from Rensga GO (Photo: Alan Moreira)

Fndom: What would you say to women who dream of working in this profession?

G: I'm just at the beginning, but I already know it's not an easy path. What I would say to women who want to follow this same segment is not to give up; strive within the game so that no one doubts your ability and never bow your head to the negative comments you hear. In the end, working with something we love makes it all worthwhile.

Fndom: What were the challenges during your trajectory in this profession?

G: The biggest challenge is to break the barrier of machismo inserted in the gamer community; this led me to always having to prove my potential and dignity to be there among the boys.

Fndom: How do you prepare for the championships?

G: Always being connected to the current meta of the game is very important in competition. So, when I'm going to participate in a championship, I study the game, see what's strong at that moment, train with several champions to always have an answer to the enemy team's strategies. In addition to the gameplay, it is necessary to keep calm and not let nervousness and anxiety get in the way; a light meal before games can help with this.

Fndom: What do you expect from the future of the profession and how do you see yourself in it?

G: The careers of pro player in electronic games are growing more and more and what I hope is that they continue like this, creating championships and occupying space in the media. My goal, and dream, is to participate in CBLOL; It's still a distant dream, but the first step I've already taken. From now on, it's working to improve and achieve my goals with my team.

Rensga is an Electronic Sports Organization based in Goiânia that, in celebration of International Women's Day, March 8, released a video on social networks about the challenges and resistance of women in the world of games in which Gabriela starred “It was difficult to reach here, but resisting was never an option.”

Check out the video clicking here.

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