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Game Show Extra Life reaches its 2nd edition in webseries format

With the constant growth of the games market in Brazil, the Cross Networking – agency of Holding Club specialized in business partnerships between brands and companies -, created in exclusive co-branding with the Earth Portal, O Extra Life, an interactive experience that brings together online games, challenges and donations, and which reaches its second edition presenting a new format, being a webseries with the presence of big names in Brazilian entertainment.

For Matheus Flandoli, Cross's director of planning and creation, the aim is to promote interaction, fun and highlight the friendly competitions between the guests, who will duel in favor of different social institutions. "Provoking interactions and conversations is one of the most important premises in the entire gamer universe. The tradeoffs that can come out of this impact positively on both the gaming experience and life, so seeing that this space is getting more diverse is very exciting and exciting.", highlights.

The project, which had its 1st edition in the format of livestream, had the participation of influencers from the universe of games, in a transmission of more than seven hours without interruption, where it was raised, through donations from the public, about R1TP2Q13 thousand in favor of social institutions, among them the AbleGamers and the fraternity without borders.

For 2021, the Game Show also intends to focus on different audiences in the universe of games in Brazil. According to the Search Games Brazil (PGB), in 2019, the female presence in the games gained constant strength, representing 53% of the total number of players . "The passion for games has gained more and more space in people's lives and, we want to reinforce the evolution of the gamer scene in Brazil, which today embraces from the most experienced, to the housewife and children who are so distracted by a console, as on their own smartphones", concludes Matheus.

In the new dynamic, the program will feature two technicians who are experts in the universe of games and eSports, and 12 participants who are not used to playing, who will duel with each other. The final prize is a donation of R$10K to a charity of the winner's choice, the loser gets R$1,000.00 in donation as well. The 6 episodes, of 30 minutes each, will be released during the month of September and the first half of October, exclusively on the Terra website, one of the biggest news portals in the country.

“We really believe in the strength that the gamer universe has conquered, and this was one of the reasons for us to be present in the project as co-creators and content distributors on our portal. We will use our experience with transmission, along with all our products to make Extra Life a great reference within the segment", says Henrique Bosco, head of marketing, innovation, products and special projects at Terra. The program's recordings will take place in July, at Teatro Vivo in São Paulo, following all security protocols against COVID-19.

The Game Show is also sponsored by major brands such as Motorola, SuperCoffee, BMW, Vivo, Outback, Colgate Plax and fiever. For tati olive, partner and managing director of Cross, the potential for impact and the results that projects the universe of games brings to organizations is immeasurable. “There are many ways for a brand to participate in the gaming universe. To find out what is the best way to impact, we interact with various stakeholders in this market and create the best solutions for brands, gamers, the public and also for the industry", analyses.

As for Julio Tortello, head of monetization at Terra, the project will further reinforce the return and positive impact that the gaming universe brings to brands. “We are concerned about bringing a unique project to Extra Life's partner brands, in a way that makes a difference for those who are investing and is equally relevant to the public”, concludes.

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Game Show Extra Life chega à 2ª edição em formato de websérie 1
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