Games News becomes the number one mobile eSports platform in the world


The mobile app, launched just six months ago for iOS and Android, is rapidly growing to become the world's #1 mobile eSports platform. In this short time, the platform has added 11 million tournament registrations and now hosts a new competition every minute! The platform has quickly become the ideal destination for amateur gamers to play and hone their gaming skills through community participation, which is supported by content creators and influencers, as well as huge prizes. hosts tournaments in hundreds of communities around the world for more than 300 titles from popular and important games such as Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Call of Duty Mobile. The platform also hosts weekly all-female tournaments, such as the Free Fire Diva Scrim Wars, to support newcomers to the gaming and eSports community.

In addition to being able to compete in tournaments for the most popular games in the community, players also use the platform to be part of the growing network of 100,000 guilds on the platform. game.tvto connect and interact with teammates via text or voice chat, enjoy video content from pro players and influencers, and earn amazing rewards and great prizes. 

“This is an extremely exciting time for the eSports industry. The number of new people playing has increased a lot, as has the time they spend playing each day. Many players are amateurs with no guidance on how to improve their eSports skills. Through our platform, we can support them by creating a path towards the professional world of mobile eSports, while at the same time promoting a grassroots community as a whole.”, explained Rosen SharmaCEO of

“With the partnership between and Liga NFA it was possible to create a competitive environment with space for everyone. We as a League consider the exchange between and Liga NFA an extremely important work to fulfill our role which is to foster the competitive scenario, create new talent and help fulfill the dream of many young people who want to become professional players. In addition, together we managed to reach higher flights, such as promoting face-to-face championships and greater professionalization of the scenario.”, said Bernardo Assad – CBO and Owner Partner of Liga NFA

The platform is guided by an AI-powered eSports assistant called “Tourney”, capable of effortlessly creating and running automated tournaments from start to finish. The assistant system helps communities, streamers and content creators to produce tournaments. Major game developers are also integrating Tourney early on in their games to help build vibrant communities around their new titles. 

“Mobile eSports is rapidly evolving to a point where the focus has shifted from a few large tournaments to organizing thousands of tournaments a day for all types of players. We use Tourney, our tournament creation assistant AI to host over 1600 tournaments a day,” added Sharma. 



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