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Review: The Great Hero

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It is no secret that the United States uses a situation to promote its army by transforming them into works, sometimes not even something related to war, we can see science fiction that often puts soldiers and / or president as heroes in alien invasions. The Great Hero (Lone Survivor) does not deny this advertisement, already putting in the title that it intends to show the heroic acts of an American, there would be no way to be subtle in relation to that, but it is an honest advertisement, that works and magnifies the team involved without abusing forced moments.

Based on the book originally released as The Only Survivor and now re-released as The Great Hero, written by SEAL himself who lived the story, Marcus Luttrel, O long account of the American Navy mission in 2005, where four SEAls were sent to Pakistan to capture an al-Qaeda leader, but only one managed to return.

It is the typical case of synopsis that delivers the ending, but this is not a problem in this production, what really matters is to see how it happens. Currently, great scenes of violence during the war are not so impressive anymore and maybe that's why the plot follows the opposite path, even using many - and good - special effects, it doesn't invest in putting large exposures of mutilated members, but in the emotional . For this, the script introduces you intimately to the members of the mission, giving details of their daily lives outside the army.

Everything happens very fast and gives the spectator the feeling of actually knowing a little about the life of Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg), Michael (Taylor Kitsch), Danny (Emile Hirsch) and Axe (Ben Foster). Right off the bat the SEALs had a great training, followed by several moments of them interacting with their families and with each other, which automatically generates great sympathy for the characters.

O grande Heróis elenco
The Great Hero | Image: Paris Movies

The film does not escape typical scenes from productions about the war, but the excess tension compensates for the small slips and manages to arrest the viewer without any difficulty. Without being appealing to excessive violence, The Great Hero manages to stand out from other films, even leaving a surprise with an unexpected gratitude to an Afghanistan.

The Great Hero is a quality work, which earned him Oscar nominations for better mixing and better sound editing. It is the type of production that promises to stay in the viewer's mind for a long time.

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Thunder Wave note
Even with a certain advertisement and indicating the end, the work is well executed.


  1. This film is amazing, I was thinking about it for several weeks. And I found the name of the translated film interesting. The hero is not one of the soldiers, but the Afghan. And it got better this way, just translating the title would be a bad name.

  2. This film really stays in your head for weeks, it's a piece that can touch you deeply. The title was actually translated according to the translation of the title in the Book in Brazil. I recommend reading it if you wish. The book is also called The Great Hero and was written by Marcus Luttrell himself. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I particularly prefer the literal translation of the original name, not least because the act of bravery and when the guy goes up the mountain to make the call to the rescue, without giving spoilers who watched knows what happens. finally I don't like that name so much that I bought the book under the name “The Only Survivor” because the name “The Great Hero doesn't make sense to me”

  4. A military man who, in the name of useless ethics in an unfair war on terror, becomes responsible for the failure of the mission, the death of countless soldiers and civilians, and even so he is praised as “the great hero” in the Brazilian translation, with the right the photo smiling happily at the end in the company of the Afghan who saved him. Amazing how beautiful the speech convinces the masses. I can't believe that a decision made by a mush has caused so much perfectly predictable damage and people don't see that this terrible film is intended to say that the right thing is to play very clean against those who play dirty.


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