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Graphic Novel 'The Last Arrow' explores the theme of violence against indigenous peoples

Nickelodeon's Amazonian illustrator signs the art of revenge history.


An indigenous person witnesses the extermination of his nation and unleashes a journey of revenge that spans time, with passages through different periods of Manaus (AM). With this story Graphic Novel The last arrow scripted by the journalist and filmmaker Emerson Medina and illustrated by Mascarenhas Romahs reaches the literary market.

Romahs – que produz histórias para as personagens dos estúdios Maurício de Souza como Turma da Mônica e para o desenho do Neymar Júnior na TV por assinatura e Nickelodeon – dessa vez explora um traço mais realista.

Medina's script, on the other hand, makes use of a reckoning plot with all the characteristics expected from a history of revenge with doses of violence. For this reason, the indicative classification is from 16 years old.

The graphic has a presentation by the journalist and editor of Comics and the studios Maurício de Souza, Sidney Gusmão. The edition is of the Monomito Editorial of São Paulo that sells the publication for the whole country, in own sales website and that soon will also be in physical spaces in the capital of São Paulo.

The Last Arrow is a project contemplated by the Editões Conexões / 2017 of the Manaus City Hall, via the Municipal Foundation for Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult). Graphic Novel will be launched on the 17th, at 19h, at Banca do Largo, in Manaus.



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