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Grey's Anatomy | Revelation of the reason for the disappearance of Alex Karev revolts fans

In the episode of Grey's Anatomy aired on March 5, the reason for the disappearance of Alex Karev it was finally revealed. Fans already knew that the real reason behind the character’s disappearance was the sudden departure of Justin Chambers, which gave Karev life. However, the script took a long time to explain what happened in the plot, and with all the suspense, an exciting and satisfying conclusion was to be expected.

But that is not what happened. The explanation given, of which we show in detail on here, revolted the fans, who claimed that the script was disrespectful and that the explanation did not live up to the character's growth throughout the series. See some of the reactions below.


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Grey's Anatomy | Revelação do motivo do sumiço de Alex Karev revolta os fãs 7

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