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Hard | HBO Max Announces Release Date for Latest Episodes of Series


The HBO Max has just confirmed the release date of the final episodes of Hard: from August 15th. The HBO exclusive Brazilian miniseries follows a conservative housewife who had to reinvent herself to run a pornographic film production company, after the sudden death of her husband. The weekly episodes will air on HBO Max and HBO.

In the final moments of the plot, the SofiX, video producer inherited by Sofia (Natalie Lage) of the deceased husband, is hired to make a cinematographic superproduction for the minister Eve (Carolina Ferraz) and your husband Antonio (Marcelo Paganotti). Meanwhile, Sofia receives unexpected news and decides to rethink SofiX's direction.

The great cast also has Julio Machado, Martha Nowill, Denise Del Vecchio, Fernando Alves Pinto, Brunna Martins, Pedro Konop and Nathalia Falcon

Hard is an HBO exclusive miniseries co-produced with Gullane, with script of Danilo Gullane, Juliana Rosenthal, Patricia Leme, Mariana Zatz and Laura Villar and is adapted from the original series of Cathy Verney. The general direction is from Rodrigo Meirelles.



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