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Hard | New series presents the universe of pornographic production through the female eye

The new original production of HBO, Hard, tells the story of Sofia, dedicated housewife who has just become a widow. Elegant and discreet, she resigned her career as a lawyer to look after her family. After her husband's sudden death, Sofia sees her perfect life fall apart when she finds out that he has lied all his life about the profession and that his inheritance comes in the form of a porn producer. Now, she must adapt to her new life.

In conversation with journalists, the series' cast and production talked about the details of the channel's new original. Dealing again with the porn industry, Hard is an adaptation of a French series. Focusing on comedy, the new version, according Roberto Rios, tries to be fair to the topic of pornography, while portraying the facts with a lot of humor.

Fabiano Gullane revealed details about the adaptation process, already claiming that the process was long and interesting because it was known to the producer of the original series. Because it is a French work, where sexuality is portrayed in a more liberal way, it was necessary to leave the script in a more Brazilian way, escaping the way portrayed in the country and being more like pornography as we see in Brazil, while portraying immersion Sophia, who, after inheriting her husband's producer, decides to portray the works in a more profound and romantic way, while trying to adapt to her new job.

Hard | Nova série apresenta o universo da produção pornográfica pelo olhar feminino 1
Natália Lage as Sofia in Hard / HBO

Already Natalie Lage she confessed that she had to make a personal process of building the character Sofia, to be accepted by the public for being a liberal woman, but still a family mother. The preparation involved many conversations with the rest of the cast, contact with real porn actors and research from the pornographic world. The actress reveals that she also employed the process of not being prejudiced against the world that was deepening, looking beyond stereotypes. She hopes the result will reflect on the public, who can be inspired to overcome the barriers of prejudice.

Lastly, Rodrigo Meirelles told that he was inspired by long films like Boogie Night and Blue Jasmine to adapt this script, keeping the care to explore the new universes that the protagonist would deal with when she arrived in this world full of prejudices, where she herself needs to learn that it was not what she imagined.

Hard premieres May 17 on HBO.

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