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Along with renowned chefs, Sandy will lead the production that debuts on November 11th on the streaming platform


The HBO Max announces that SANDY + CHEF, Max Original production based on SELENA + CHEF, debuts on November 11th on the streaming platform. In the trailer released on Thursday, Sandy shows a new side that almost no one knows and ventures into the kitchen commanding the Brazilian attraction alongside renowned chefs and special guests.

In each episode, Sandy will have the remote company of a different chef. Together, they'll handle recipes of all kinds, as well as share valuable tips and tricks in their quest for the perfect bite. The chefs selected for the challenge are Paola Carosella, Murakami, Lili Almeida, Thiago Castanho, Renata Vanzetto and João Diamante.

At the end of each of the six episodes, the chefs will be invited to elect an NGO related to gastronomy to receive a generous donation of 25 thousand reais. Among the indicated institutions are: Cities without Hunger, night Angels, Gastromotive, friends of good and food bank.

More than special guests will also be present on the program, helping Sandy and making fun comments, among the pinch of trials, errors and successes, in addition to tasting the dish prepared by the artist. They are: the father and musician, Xororó; the mother, Noely Lima; his brother, Júnior Lima; the cousin, Marinho Lima; the brothers-in-law, Mônica Benini and Amon Lima; the grandmother, Mariazinha; her mother-in-law, Lorena Lima, and her husband, Lucas Lima. 

The recordings were performed at a location in Campinas, following all security protocols from WarnerMedia and WHO.

SANDY + CHEF is part of more than 100 Max Originals local productions in Latin America set to debut on HBO Max in the next two years. All these new titles will be exclusive to the platform.

The program has production of Ricardo Picetto, through the WarnerMedia Latin America, and general production of Diego Guebel, general direction of Maximiliano Garcia Solla and content direction of Pablo Mazover, through the boxfish. Watch the trailer:



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