So that everyone has the opportunity to watch the premiere of the new original series from HBO Latin America ‘The Secret Life of the Casais', the channels of the HBO / MAX package will have an open signal on all operators on September 29 and 30 and October 1.

Sex, politics and power are the main elements of the instigating work created by Bruna Lombardi and Kim Riccelli. The plot moves through the universe of alternative therapies, showing an increasing search for redemption; the environment of large corporations, where the law of the strongest has become the law of the most cruel; and the wide and dynamic cyber territory, where it is possible to find leaks of information and bombastic opinions. The first episode of The Secret Life of Couples will be shown on Sunday, October 1st, at 10 pm, on the HBO channel.

The night before, September 30, Suicide squad debuts on the HBO channel at 10pm. In the feature, a secret US government organization decides to form Special Force X, a unit made up of some of the world's most feared criminals. Chosen for the ability to be easily discarded and taking into account the risk of missions, they form the group known as “Suicide Squad”.

In addition to the two major premieres, anyone who is not yet a subscriber to HBO will be able to experience the complete programming of the channels of the HBO / MAX package, full of films, documentaries, series and other unmissable content.


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