Hebe | Globoplay miniseries about the presenter gets final trailer

Production in ten episodes that tells the story of the presenter arrives on the streaming platform on 12/13


the trajectory of Hebe Camargo, one of the most emblematic figures on TV in Brazil, can be watched from the beginning of his life until the end of his days in Hebe, an exclusive miniseries Globoplay which will be available to subscribers starting this Friday, the 13th.

The production had its final trailer released. Check it out above.

The actresses Valentina Herszage and Andréa Beltrão take turns in the role of the protagonist. In addition to portraying her success on TV, the plot points out, in a non-linear way, important moments in the artist's life, in addition to highlighting her remarkable personality, a woman ahead of her time, strong and courageous, who fought for the right to stand out. about everything he thought was important to discuss.

“I think it's very beautiful to reconstruct these stories of whole people, with what they faced and the marks they have. There are people who shrink every time they get hit by life and there are people who grow when that happens. Every setback that Hebe had gave her three times the strength to keep going. But this has consequences, there is a pain that this success, that smile and that glow carry”, he points out. Carolina Kotscho.

The miniseries brings another approach to the artist, different from the one already seen in the cinema. “The film is a very accurate cut of the 80s, which, for me, is the big turning point in Hebe's life. I usually say that's when it 'overflows'. It's the moment when, coming from an entire career in entertainment and trying to be a good housewife, she really doesn't fit in that little box anymore and starts buying all the fights she could buy. The series, on the other hand, is a dive into her memories, which go from adolescence to the end of her life”, he adds.

Hebe brings names like Gabriel Braga Nunes, Caio Horowicz, Marco Ricca, Danton Mello, Daniel de Oliveira, Claudia Missura, Karine Telles and Emílio de Mello.


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