Hikvision, a global provider of innovative Electronic Security products and solutions, announces the launch of its ultra HD panoramic camera from the award-winning line PanoVu.

The new PanoVu Series Panoramic Dome Camera 32 MP DS-2CD6984G0-IH (S) (AC) uses four 0.5 inch progressive scan CMOS sensors to provide a true 180 degree horizontal panorama as well as a 95 degree vertical field of view. The four video images are joined by the camera itself, which intelligently produces a single, perfect panoramic image.

Frank Zhang, General Manager of the International Marketing Department at Hikvision, says: “We are very excited to launch this high-definition, state-of-the-art camera to the award-winning PanoVu family. Companies with large outdoor areas are always looking for innovative ways to monitor and protect their facilities. Our 32 MP camera offers some of the most remarkable panoramic and HD monitoring features that exist on the market today. ”

Differentiated HD resolution

The camera offers impressive HD, with a maximum resolution of 8160 × 3616 pixels. With an image resolution of 32 MP at 30 fps it guarantees a visualization and reproduction of video image without interference.

Clarity even at night

Designed with low lighting capacity and four built-in infrared LEDs, the DS-2CD6984G0-IH (S) provides panoramic HD video in low light environments and even under 0 lux conditions, up to a distance of 20 meters.

Different views

The camera also has a range of display modes to suit the user's needs. In addition to the standard 32 MP panoramic view, users can choose to send the image at 8 MP resolution to fit a corresponding network video recorder. The camera can also provide four stand-alone 8 MP images from each lens or four images in the split pan view.

Monitoring for open areas

Thanks to its wide field of vision, the DS-2CD6984G0-IH (S) (AC) is ideal for large open areas such as stadiums, squares, entertainment venues and industrial facilities. Only one camera can cover an area that previously required multiple cameras, reducing IP channels. This also makes installation and configuration much easier, faster and potentially less expensive.


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