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History opens Alone: In the Arctic, new season of TV's most extreme survival series


As of November 19, the History presents the sixth season of TV's most extreme survival reality, Alone: In the Arctic (Alone S6). In the most unforgiving environment in the series' history, ten survivors are left alone near the Arctic Circle, where they will face bone-crushing cold, along with a population of bears and hungry wolf packs. Whoever manages to survive until the end takes home the $500,000 prize.

As in previous seasons, participants will have to build their own shelters, find water and food and overcome countless obstacles, including facing predators. Limitedly equipped, they carry only what fits in a backpack and their own cameras to document their travels. During their experience, they will face extreme isolation, psychological anguish and treacherous environmental conditions as they step into the unknown.

This season's contestants are: Barry Karcher (39), Brady Nicholis (36), Donny Dust (38), Jordan Jones (35), Michelle Wohlberg (31), Nathan Donnelly (39), Nikki van Schnydel (44), Ray Livingston (43), Tim Backus (55) and Woniya Thibeault (42).

In the debut episode, facing the ice, ten new entrants have the chance to win 500,000 dollars if they manage to survive in the coldest place on the planet. And they start their adventure having to deal with a strong storm.



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