Saturday, 16, January, 2021

At least a decade ago, the use of Virtual reality in medicine it was a fictional film thing. And using games in education would be absurd. However, many did not realize that simulators were already used in military areas for training their soldiers and VR in aircraft manufacturing and also in sports such as Formula 1.

In the past, the use of the term “gamification”Which originates from the English term“gamification”, And it is about the use of game techniques, mostly virtual, to captivate people through constant challenges and bonuses. For this reason, it is not surprising that the main hospitals in the world already use the facilities that game design can offer.

In this way, the Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital has just signed a promising partnership through its Center for Innovation and Health Education with MedRoom, edtech that uses Virtual Reality and gamification concepts in the training of university students. The Hospital will incorporate the startup's VR as another educational resource in the teaching and learning process of students in technical and technological courses, undergraduate and graduate courses in the medical and multiprofessional health fields.

With MedRoom, all parts of the human being are visualized with great realism without the need to use corpses. The Hospital also aims to increase access to MedRoom's virtual reality through the joint production of an escape game - a game in which the participant is immersed in a space and needs to solve riddles to get out - with a health theme.


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