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HyperX and Rise Above the Disorder (RAD) launch mental health awareness campaign

Campaign video brings together some HyperX global ambassadors and professional eSports players who share their experiences with anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.


The HyperX takes advantage of that May is the month of mental health awareness in the USA to join the Rise Above the Disroder (RAD), a non-profit organization that covers mental health expenses worldwide, and launch the campaign “We Can Rise Above the Disorder”On their social networks.

The campaign video, which can be seen on HyperX YouTube channel (also highlighted above), brings together some global ambassadors and players from e-sports teams sponsored by the brand who share their experiences with anxiety and depression and other psychological problems in order to make people aware of the subject and encourage those who go through it to look for professional help.

Participate in HyperX's “We Can Rise Above the Disorder” campaign Gordon Hayward, basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets who disputes the NBA, Aerial Powers, Minnesota Lynx basketball player who plays the WNBA, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers football player, content creator and streamer Pokimane, the pro players Ems and Keeoh, from Cloud9, Kitana Prime, from Panda Global, and GodKu, by Xset Gamimg.

"It is an honor for HyperX to partner with Rise Above the Disorder in this campaign during Mental Health Month," said Dustin Illingworth, influencer marketing manager and director of health and wellness at HyperX. “The past year has had a huge impact on the mental health of many people, but through the incredible stories of our ambassadors and the essential resources of Rise Above the Disorder, we hope to be part of a long-term solution to the problems that affect many families. and the HyperX gamer community. ”

The game is a great ally in times of pandemic

In times of pandemic and social detachment, games can be one of the alternatives to keep your mind healthy. In addition to promoting virtual meetings through online multiplayer titles, there are also singleplayer games that offer immersion with great stories for the player to disconnect for a moment from the concerns of the world and immerse themselves in the fun.

“In the past few months, games are having an even more positive impact on people's mental health, keeping them connected, playing online with friends, and providing home entertainment for families during the covid-19 pandemic. However, it is important to have the ideal accessories that help balance fun and health, ”said Caio Ricci, business development manager at HyperX in Brazil. “Cloud II Wireless, HyperX's newest wireless headset, for example, is extremely comfortable, offers incredible sound quality and battery life of up to 30 hours, and is ideal for both playing long gameplay sessions and listening to music on cell phone while exercising at home ”, he added.

HyperX and Rise Above The Disorder (RAD) are focused on raising awareness of mental health care. If everyone has professional help at affordable prices, they are sure to be 'winning the game'.


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