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HyperX explains the advantages that different connection types offer to headsets

Wired, wireless or Bluetooth, high performance peripherals are great allies for gamers and are available in the market with models for all tastes and uses.

Headsets have become everyday allies for countless people who need the equipment to work, study or play. With so many options on the market, often the great challenge is to find the model that best meets the needs of each one, whether by size, power, look or even the type of connection.

For those who have doubts whether the ideal is to have a wired, wireless or Bluetooth headset, the HyperX team of HP Inc. dedicated to gaming peripherals and branding in gaming products and eSports, lists the differentials of each type of connection and explains the advantages they offer to users.

wired headset

Often the simplest technology is also the most reliable and the most practical for everyday use. For traditional wired headsets, the ability to connect directly to the headset or controller via a 3.5mm jack or USB connector can provide faster, greater audio clarity without the need for adapters or software. to gain sound quality.

In addition, another advantage can be the frequency response, since in wireless equipment the audio needs to be compressed and certain frequencies at the extremes of the scale can be compressed. Thus, wired headphones tend to produce a wider range of bass and treble than other types.

Overall, the wired headset is the best choice for those who play, work or study without having to leave their seat during activities. For gamers looking for the lowest latency, HyperX's tip is to prioritize a product that reaches high frequencies, such as the Cloud Alpha S, which can reach from 13Hz to 27kHz.

wireless headset

Of course, the biggest advantage of the wireless headset is the freedom of not having to plug into other equipment. Today, most of the most popular wireless headsets on the market transmit audio information over RF (radio frequency) using the 2.4GHz frequency band, and this feature works very well with games as it offers high speed data transmission and a solid transmission range. In addition, the 2.4 GHz band also allows a permanent connection even away from the receiver, as they are low enough to penetrate solid objects without affecting the connection.

For those who work, study or enjoy watching movies and series, it is an excellent alternative, as small delays in transmission time and lower frequency responses should not have a big impact on the experience. Wireless devices use a transceiver, such as a USB wireless audio dongle that must be plugged into a PC, notebook, console or mobile phone to automatically connect to the headset. Models with great battery life, such as the HyperX Cloud Flight, which offers up to 30 hours of continuous use, are the most indicated options by HyperX for those looking for a headset with this profile.

Bluetooth headset

Like the wireless model, the Bluetooth technology-enabled headset has the advantage of freedom of movement, but does not offer as good a range as a wireless model with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. On the other hand, in this same comparison, it stands out for not needing a dongle, which facilitates pairing with a greater variety of devices and provides great comfort.

For outdoor activities, with great movement and more practicality, Bluetooth models are great choices. In addition, many models, such as the HyperX Cloud Mix, are hybrid and come with a cable, which can be used according to consumer needs.

For more information about HyperX and its products, visit site.

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