HyperX lists differentials of high performance microphones best suited to your profile

Streamers, casters, podcasters and influencers, both professionals and beginners, have a series of products with different features to choose from and further enhance the production of their content.


Having a microphone that offers high sound quality is critical for content creators who broadcast, such as streamers, casters and podcasters. To help them choose the ideal model for their needs, HyperX, team of HP Inc. dedicated to gamer peripherals and a leading brand in gaming and eSports products, has put together a list with details of its line of microphones, including features ideal for beginners and professionals.


best option for beginner streamers and casual gamers, it is excellent value for money and stands out for its powerful audio. SoloCast, a USB microphone with plug and play technology for easy installation and a great starting point for anyone looking to get into the world of streaming. Compact in size, it comes with a versatile stand and a pedestal adjustable to different inclinations, allowing the user to better organize their broadcast table and even fit it into small places, such as under a monitor, for example.

SoloCast is intuitive, easy to use, and features a cardioid recording pattern that prioritizes capturing sounds from the area directly in front of you. Thanks to a feature that filters out part of the ambient noise, it offers clear sound even in noisy places and, although it has only a polar pattern compared to other microphones in the HyperX line, it has other great functions, such as tap-to-mute, which allows user to activate the mute with a simple touch, and the status identifier in red LED.

The suggested price of HyperX SoloCast is R$ 449.00 and the microphone can be connected to a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 if the user wants to communicate with higher quality in multiplayer games.


Ideal for podcasters and gamers who need more control and versatility, the QuadCast is a microphone with four polar patterns, excellent recording quality and very practical features, such as the anti-vibration shock mount support, to dampen percussive sounds, and the pop filter. , which reduces ambient noise. It also has the same tap-to-mute function as the Solocast, but with additional volume gain controls and different polar pattern options.

In addition to the cardioid pattern, it offers the stereo pattern, used for voices and musical instruments; omnidirectional, which captures 360-degree audio and is ideal for podcasts with multiple people in the same room, and bidirectional, which directionally captures the front and back of the device, perfect for two-person interviews.

The suggested price of HyperX QuadCast is R$ 899.90.

QuadCast S

Great option for streamers, casters and professional players looking to combine performance and bold looks, the QuadCast S offers even more features to the user with RGB LED lighting, which can be controlled and customized by the free HyperX NGENUITY software.

In this way, the most advanced microphone in the HyperX lineup takes all the other functions of HyperX QuadCast — such as tap-to-mute, gain control technology, four polar patterns, anti-vibration shock mount support and pop filter — and adds an extra layer of control to the experience with color adjustments, brightness intensities and lighting effects.

The suggested price of HyperX QuadCast S is R$ 1199.90.

For more information about HyperX and its products, visit site.



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