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Iron Island | Cast talks about love-hate relationships on and off the platform

Dante (Cauã Reymond) is a petroleum engineer and production coordinator for PLT-137. In the first episode of iron island, he occupies the highest hierarchical position, as the team has no platform manager, a vacancy for which he is the natural candidate. His colleagues already consider him the great boss of that environment.

After 14 days on board, Dante returns home with his brother, Bruno (Klebber Toledo), pilot of the helicopter that takes tankers to and from the platform. Since the two found themselves alone in the world, Dante has been helping his brother. Bruno, however, only feels inferior to his older brother's paternal posture.

When he gets home, Dante is greeted by his wife, Leona (Sophie Charlotte), law student who has a completely confused personality. As if the chaos that Leona is for herself was not enough, she throws a bomb in her husband's lap when she reveals, in a fit of anguish, that she is having an affair with Bruno. In disbelief, Dante goes after his brother and breaks into Bruno's helicopter, which is ready to take off. The two start an argument and the aircraft loses control, falling into the sea. Bruno falls into a coma and the doctors cannot predict whether he will return to consciousness.

With life turned upside down, the engineer suffers another great disappointment: he is surprised by his arrival on board Julia Bravo (Maria Casadevall), new platform manager, occupying the position he so desired.

A super production that mixes action, drama, adventure and romance in a story full of adrenaline and inflammable emotions. iron island is created and written by Max Mallmann and Adriana Lunardi. The work, originally shown on Globoplay, will air on TV Globo from August 9th, on Mondays and Wednesdays after Empire; on tuesdays after The Masked Singer Brazil; on thursdays following Under pressure; and on fridays after Globo reporter.


How do you define Leona?

Leona is a character displaced from the context of the oil platform, and is almost a counterpoint to this sea, to this isolation. At the same time, she shares some sensations: she isolates herself in her own house because of her unbridled passion for Dante. Leona's entire life is built around this love. Right at the beginning of the series, there is already a very big break in this pillar.

How do you analyze Leona in relation to the relationships she lives?
She's a very self-destructive character, because the intensity makes her lose focus and reason. Leona lives in her own logic, guided by her desire for Dante. While he is boarded on the platform and she is alone at home, she ends up putting her feet in her hands more and more. She is very passionate, puts her heart before reason and ethics. Leona destroys herself to reach the other.

Talk about the Leona, Dante and Bruno triangle.
While I understood Leona's relationship with Dante as her focus of passion, love and dedication, the figure of Bruno crosses this story. Through Bruno, Leona tries to reach Dante. She only has eyes for her husband, but in these two weeks when he goes to the platform and she is full of insecurities and questions, Bruno, who is always close by, ends up occupying that place. I think that the issue of reaching Dante through his brother is not even done rationally, but goes through drugs, delirium, despair. These are very complex relationships.

How do you rate the work on the series?
It was a big challenge for me because he's a very strong character, very contradictory, with an ethic and logic that's very different from anything I've done before, but I threw myself into it. Was very good.


How do you define Bruno?

Bruno is an intense character, who acquires a coldness, an inconsistency for the lives of others, and this is very strong in the series. He always wanted a different family than he had, a different brother, a woman he loved and who loved him too, but none of that exists in his life. I think Bruno is looking for a relief, for a breath of life he will never find, because the hole is deep inside him.

How do you see Bruno's relationship with Dante?

I think that Dante, as an older brother, instead of being a friend or a real brother, always treated Bruno like a son, always correcting everything he did. I believe that Bruno was feeding the pain of countless losses throughout his life, and the main one was "losing" this brother, who always wanted to be the hero, the well regarded, while Bruno was there also trying to be the best, but never doing enough.

For you, what kind of feeling does Bruno have for Leona?
What Bruno feels for Leona is love, without a doubt. The two have a complicity of friends and get along very well. He will do anything to be with this woman the way he envisioned it in his head.

Do you think Bruno is capable of anything to get what he wants?
I'm sure Bruno is capable of anything. He swears he's in control of what he's doing and always thinks he's one step ahead of others. He's a guy who has a goal, and if that goal isn't achieved, he'll solve whatever it takes to get it. And it goes all the way, even if everything goes wrong.

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