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Verified Initiative and Turma da Mônica inaugurate an exhibition on the São Paulo subway

Iniciativa Verificado e Turma da Mônica inauguram exposição no metrô de São Paulo 1

The United Nations (UN) global initiative to combat misinformation in the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the Verified project joins Mauricio de Sousa Produções, ViaQuatro and Vistoobilidade to hold the exhibition “Information Saves Lives”, with Turma Da Mônica. The main message of the exhibition is the importance of disseminating educational and precise guidelines on the care that must be taken to protect against COVID-19.

From October 10, next to Children's Day, statues and panels illustrated with the most famous characters from Brazil will occupy the stations of lines 4-Yellow and 5-Lilac of São Paulo's subway. Monica, Cebolinha, Magali, Cascão, Jeremias, Luca, Dorinha, Franjinha and other characters will illustrate the exhibition panels, which aim to encourage hand hygiene and mask use, in addition to guiding the choice of each one and indicating the locations where such care should be taken. The public will be able to learn a little more about the difference between social distance, quarantine and isolation, in addition to receiving tips on attention to symptoms and on the transmission of the virus. The information contained in the exhibition is based on the guidelines published by the World Health Organization (WHO - and other UN agencies.

Until November 2, the show will continue at Fradique Coutinho and Campo Belo stations. From November 3 to 30, it is the turn of the Higienópolis-Mackenzie and Moema stations. And São Paulo-Morumbi and Brooklin stations are the last to receive the exhibition, from December 1st to 17th.

The show is the result of collaboration between the Verified Project (, the Juntos Contra Coronavirus campaign, by Mauricio de Sousa Produções (MSP), and the MSP awareness actions.

The Verified project, coordinated in the country by the United Nations Information Center for Brazil (UNIC Rio), on behalf of the United Nations, has the collaboration of Purpose, one of the largest social mobilization organizations in the world, and with articulation support from NEXUS, a global movement that facilitates meeting spaces between new generations of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and impact investors.


Verified Project Exhibition - InformationSave Lives 

Line 4-Yellow:

  • Fradique Coutinho Station
  • Date: October 10 to November 2
  • Higienópolis-Mackenzie Station
  • Date: November 3rd to 30th
  • São Paulo-Morumbi Station
  • Date: from December 1st to 17th

Line 5-Lilac

  • Campo Belo Station
  • Date: October 10 to November 2
  • Moema Station
  • Date: November 3rd to 30th
  • Brooklin Station
  • Date: from December 1st to 17th

* The time of the exhibition varies according to the closing and opening of theand subway.

About Verified

The Verified project is a global initiative of the UN that has the objective of combating the infodemia of disinformation in the middle of the pandemic, sharing information that saves lives and orientations based on facts and stories of the best of humanity. The Verified website has a gallery of information verified and transmitted by the United Nations. In the quest to flood the communication channels, the messages are based on three fronts: Science - to save lives, Solidarity - to promote local and global cooperation, and Solutions - to defend support for impacted populations. Access:


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