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Insanity | Meet the cast and characters of Star+'s new national series


O Star + premieres on December 3rd the original Brazilian production of psychological thriller, insanityStarring Carol Castro (Women in LoveGuards), Rafaela Mandelli (The business), Bella Camero (Workout), Eucir de Souza (Rua Augusta), Rafael Losso (Hate Routes and Rio Heroes) and Samuel of Assisi (#MeChamadeBruna), the series also features actors Ravel Cabral, Thomas Aquino, Lourinelson Vladimir, Fabio Marcoff, Leonardo Goularok, Rosana Stavis, Luther Almeida and Pedro Inoue in the cast.

insanity follows the story of Paula (Carol Castro), a scientific police officer who is admitted to a mysterious psychiatric clinic after a family tragedy. At the clinic, his mind wanders along dark and dubious paths, bordering on insanity, as he investigates the real reason for his hospitalization, unraveling a terrifying conspiracy. With original idea by Lucas Vivo and script by Marcelo Slavich, Walter Slavich, Flor Canosa, García Lagos and Lucas Vivo, the series is directed by Gustavo Bonafé (Brotherhood and The Indoctrinator) produced locally by Intro Pictures from the Rio-São Paulo axis, looking for incredible locations in Paraná, near Curitiba and Lapa, in addition, part of the series was also shot in Uruguay.

See below who's who in insanity:

8Paula Costa (Carol Castro)


She lives for her job and her love of science has taken her far. She is a renowned forensic anthropologist, very rigorous, obsessive and tireless. She is divorced and has a daughter, Lúcia, and the relationship between the two never stood out due to displays of affection or dialogue. Paula is extremely intelligent and has the ability to make premonitions.

7Dr César Schultz (Eucir de Souza)


It is a reference in the field of medicine and psychiatry. His invaluable contributions to the studies and research of possible cures for neurological diseases have placed him as one of the most admired and respected men in the country. He founded the hospital that would become one of the main centers for the study of mental disorders in Latin America. Currently, Dr. César's studies focus on what he calls “brain mapping”, in which he constructed his own map with precise coordinates. With that, he can do – in a hidden way – his own experiments.

6Camila Garcia (Rafael Mandelli)


Paula's co-worker and only friend, Camila is her closest friend and one of the few people who allows herself to be completely honest. Camila is a great forensic, very dedicated and takes Lucia's case to herself. The character will have to face the enemies that approach as he discovers the truths.

5Marques (Ravel Cabral)


Marques is an honest cop, but with enough career time to know that not everything is black or white. The character has seen a lot wrong in his life as a policeman and, therefore, is less surprised. Skeptical, he takes a while to believe in Paula, but he also never fails to investigate, doing his job. When he finally has proof that Paula is telling the truth, he decides to go all out to get her out of the clinic.

4Lucas (Samuel de Assis)


A patient at the clinic, Lucas is shrewd, intelligent, seductive and cultured. It looked completely normal if not for one very peculiar characteristic: constantly wearing a blindfold over his eyes, opting to hide the real world from his view. With his eyes closed, Lucas has access to a whole very private reality, called by himself the “Perfect World”. His ability to alter his perceptions in his “world” is so great that he can even feel the chemical and hormonal effects of these psychic immersions – and this is what interests Schultz the most.

3Rafael (Rafael Losso)


Paula's ex-husband, Rafael, is the son of a traditional member of the São Paulo oligarchy. He lived in such fear around his family that his natural reaction was to rebel against them. What Paula doesn't know is that Rafael never left his daughter and their relationship was much closer than Lucia's with Paula. Now, his daughter's disappearance will make him swallow his pride and draw on the power of his family.

2Lucia (Bella Camero)


Daughter of Paula and Rafael, she suffered all her childhood due to her mother's absence. When she is older, she secretly gets closer to her father, in an attempt to rescue the emotional and family bond, which Paula has always forbidden. It was while going to one of these meetings with Rafael that Lucia suffered an accident that changed her life and her destiny forever.

1Black Cover (Thomas Aquino)


Tall, strong, mysterious and scary. Capa Preta was one of the many human guinea pigs from the clinic's early days, carrying traumas and symptoms from the experiments he underwent to this day. He harbors a deep sense of revenge for Dr. Schultz. Additionally, Capa Preta becomes a voracious ally of Rafael's quest for Lucia.



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