Sunday, 5th, December, 2021

Insanity | Star+'s new national series premieres in December

The Star + announced the release date of its new psychological thriller production, insanity, starred by Carol Castro (Women in LoveGuards), Rafaela Mandelli (The business), Bella Camero (Workout), Eucir de Souza (Rua Augusta), Rafael Losso (Hate Routes and Rio Heroes) and Samuel of Assisi (#MeChamadeBruna).

The series produced by Star Original Productions is composed of eight episodes and will debut on Star+ on December 3rd in Brazil, and will arrive soon to other countries in Latin America. 

insanity follows the story of Paula, a science police officer who is admitted to a mysterious psychiatric clinic after a family tragedy. There, his mind wanders along dark and dubious paths, reaching the brink of insanity as he investigates the real reason for his hospitalization unraveling a terrifying conspiracy.  

Ravel Cabral, Thomas Aquino, Lourinelson Vladimir, Fabio Marcoff, Leonardo Goulart, Rosana Stavis, Luthero Almeida and Pedro Inoue complete the cast of the series. 

With original idea by Lucas Vivo and script by Marcelo Slavich, Walter Slavich, Flor Canosa, García Lagos and Lucas Vivo, the series is directed by Gustavo Bonafé (Brotherhood and The Indoctrinator) produced locally by Intro Pictures from the Rio-São Paulo axis, looking for incredible locations in Paraná, near Curitiba and Lapa. Part of the series was also recorded in Uruguay. 

the full season of insanity arrives at Star + as part of its robust offering of high-quality original content created for Latin America, including locally relevant stories in a wide range of genres for adult audiences. 

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