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Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula | Sequence gets debut date and poster

After the successful launch of Zombie Invasion (Train to Busan), a Paris Movies brings to the big screen Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula, which just got its debut date and national poster.

Production is scheduled for release August 27. The zombie-themed feature also won its first poster, which reveals people at the forefront of a man who walks in the night light, amid the wreckage of the region. See below.

The new plot, also directed by Sang-ho Yeon, reveals a South Korea completely isolated due to a mysterious virus that turned its inhabitants into zombies. With that, a desperate struggle to escape the abandoned peninsula begins.

Jun-seok is a former soldier who manages to escape from the Peninsula to Hong Kong and, while living as a refugee, ignored by the locals, accepts a tempting offer from a foreigner who makes him return to the Peninsula. That's how he, together with a team, returns to the Peninsula to fulfill a mission. Upon arrival, they discover a group of uninfected survivors who live in the place occupied by zombies. But will they be able to survive the disaster again?


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