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Jade Baraldo and Mariana Mello face off in a new episode of Extra Life

Changing the microphone for the mouse and keyboard, the singers duel in the famous scenes of Street Fighter V, crowning Jade as the big winner of the fight.


To find out who is the best player, Jade Baraldo and Mariana Mello take control of iconic characters in an electrifying duel of Street Fighter V, in the fifth episode of Extra Life. The project, conceived by Cross Networking, in co-branding with the Earth, brings together two celebrities each week to battle each other for the prize of R$ 10,000.

The value, given at each end of an episode, is allocated to a social institution chosen by the winner. This time, who won was the singer Jade Baraldo, who benefited the institution Maria da Penha Institute.

Acostumada com batalhas musicais, a cantora e ex-The Voice Brasil, Jade Baraldo, explica que o convite foi uma ótima oportunidade para descobrir novos interesses. “Minha melhor amiga é gamer, viciada em jogos e vive me mandando coisas sobre, mas eu sempre fui muito aérea desse universo” conta Jade. “Coincidentemente recebi o convite para participar do Extra Life e, olha só, estou aqui, até caracterizada, é como morder a língua. Estou amando!” ended with laughter.

Para a rapper Mariana Mello, sua participação no Extra Life é importante para a identificação do público feminino. “There are many people who feel the same thing as us, sometimes we think we are alone, but we are not. There are several girls who play, and it's nice that they see that they are not alone, and that there are many others who like the same thing and that everyone can participate and have fun“, comenta Mari.

Unlike the previous edition, Extra Life 2021 takes place in a webseries format, and counts on the presence of youtubers Malena and Rato Borrachudo. Being a reference in the country's gamer scene, streamers act as coaches of the teams that face each other every week. In addition to the help and tips they give participants, coaches also have fun moments during special challenges, which help participants advance in the competition.

The dispute between the personalities is already available on Portal Terra, a website that distributes the programs weekly with exclusivity. Every Wednesday, starting at 11am, a new episode will be available on the portal, with reruns on Twitch every Wednesday at 8pm, and on Extra Life's Youtube, every Friday at 10am.



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