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James Gunn is in talks with Warner and will be able to direct and write DC Suicide Squad 2

The project would not be a continuation but a reboot.


As we reported here on Thunder, last August, that James Gunn could join the staff of the Warner, apparently, the director is in negotiations with the studios to debut with an audacious project.

At least, that's what the portal claims. Hollywood Reporter. In its publication, the site guarantees that Gunn can direct and script Suicide Squad 2, gives A.D and if it depends on David Ayer, director of the first film, this hiring may come sooner than we think. in your profile at Twitter, ayer offered full support for the hiring of Gunn. “I think it's an incredibly brave and smart move from the studio.“, said the filmmaker. "James is the right man for the job“, he tweeted.

Also according to the American site, the project is not a sequel to the first feature, but a reboot. If true, Gunn will have the opportunity to restart the franchise through their own vision. "We were informed that the Suicide squad in Gunn won't be a sequel, he'll have a whole new take on the villainous group“, said the post. "Whether this means a total overhaul or not is still unclear.“, guarantees the website.

So far, the idea is to keep some of the actors in their proper roles, as is the case with Margot Robbie given life to your Harley Quinn. So far, neither Warner and either James Gunn have commented on the contraction, which should be released, very soon, through an official note.

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