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Rensga players deliver donations from Play do Bem

The gringos Lucas “Froststrike” (hunter) and Eneas “Enga” (middle), Rensga Esports, took advantage of Monday's break (8) to participate in the delivery of 115 kg of food accumulated in Play do Bem in January. The two contributed with a triple kill it is a baron theft that added to kill court Vinícius “Bydeki” (shooter) completed the package. The donation benefited the Batuíra Spiritist Institute of Mental Health, which offers free psychiatric care 100%, via SUS, to the population.

“We hope to be able to help other institutions and even needy families directly linked to our community. For that, we need the indications of our fans to reach these people ”, comments the CMO of Go Gaming, Sávio Barra.

Milk, eggs, flour, rice, beans, pasta and some fruits were delivered and will be included in the menu of the 135 inmates served by the Institution. “We offer five meals a day for inmates and, therefore, donations are very important to help with our maintenance. We are a 100% SUS psychiatric hospital, a reference in Goiás. Most of our patients are needy and what we receive allows us to offer them a balanced and complete diet ”, explains the administrative assistant, Mike Ranieri.

The "Play do Bem" is a social action that will donate - monthly - food to philanthropic institutions and needy families, based on the team's great moves in the matches. In addition, at each killing sequence, the crowd may receive Riot Points, the virtual currency that is used to purchase various items at the League of Legends (LoL) store.

The dynamics of donations accumulation follows the following scheme:

Triple Kill → 30Kg of food → 650 RPs

Kill Court → 40 Kg of food → 1,380 RPs

Theft of the Baron → 45Kg of food → 2,800 RPs

Penta Kill → 50 Kg of food → 5,000 RPs

Nerd Social is an initiative from Nowhere.

Jogadores da Rensga entregam doações da Play do Bem 1
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