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Corruption Game | Amazon Prime Video Announces Cast of El Presidente's New Season

O Amazon Prime Video announced the main cast of Corruption Game, the next season of the Original Amazon series El Presidente, which is in production in Uruguay led by Gaumont and creatively directed by Oscar winner Armando Bó. Leading the cast is the Portuguese actor Albano Jerónimo alongside Brazilian actors Eduardo Moscovis and Maria Fernanda Cândido, in addition to the return of the Colombian Andrés Parra. The British actress completes the international cast Anna Brewster, The Brazilians Carol Abras, Nelson Freitas, Polliana Aleixo, Isadora Ferrite, Leonardo City, Leandro Firmino, Demetrius Nascimento Alves, the argentine actor Fabio Aste and the french Philippe Jacq, among others.

The new season, which has eight episodes of one hour each, brings the story of El Presidente for Brazil and Europe, and shows the origins of FIFA's transformation into a commercial and political power. At the center of the story is the former FIFA president, João Havelange, as well as a host of famous figures and players from the world of football.

The first season of El Presidente, which debuted in 2020, offered viewers a satirical take on the 2015 FIFA Gate corruption scandal that rocked the sports world. The story was told from the point of view of Sergio Jadue (Andrés Parra) as president of a small Chilean football club who emerged from obscurity to become president of the National Football Association of Chile and a key player in FIFA's mass bribery conspiracy.

“We are excited to work again with Armando Bó, Gaumont, Kapow and Fabula and bring the story of El Presidente to Brazil and beyond. This extremely talented and multinational cast will give a new flavor to this season and will delight audiences around the world,” he said. Malu Miranda, Head of Original Brazilian Content for Amazon Studios.

“Together, with our brilliant showrunner, Armando Bó, and our partners at Fabula, Kapow and About Entertainment, we are thrilled to bring you this next chapter of El Presidente for Amazon Prime Video viewers worldwide. It's nothing short of thrilling to watch this talented international cast come together to bring this series to life. In such extraordinary times, when Covid's challenges may seem insurmountable, we are grateful to once again work hand in hand with Armando, to have our local services company Salado and the full support of the Uruguayan government,” he said. Nicolas Atlan, President of Gaumont US.

“We are very proud to see El Presidente proceed with a new season. Armando Bó's vision and our fruitful partnership with Kapow and Gaumont created a show that is always growing. We can't wait to share with the public what we've worked on, highlighting Latin American storytelling and its culture to the entire world,” he said. Gunther Kaempfe, Executive Producer of Fabula.

“We are very excited about the new season of El Presidente. Armando's work in the first season was fantastic, and we are very confident about this next edition, which includes this great new international cast. We believe this series will be a great success and an explosive season, set in the iconic 70s década, he said. Agustín Sacanell, Partner at Kapow.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Armando Bó (About Entertainment) returns to the series as showrunner and executive producer. Corruption Game is produced by the Latin American team of Gaumont, led by Christian Gabel; with the winning producer of oscar fabula, led by Pablo and Juan de Dios Larrain; and with Kapow, an Argentine producer led by Agustín Sacanell and Lucas Rainelli.


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