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GTFO horror game, gets biggest update ever released with a new Rundown

Rebirth adds nature, new enemies and chemical cocktails injected into the player's brain.


The 10 Chambers Collective, a Swedish independent game developer responsible for GTFO, four-player co-op action horror FPS, has announced the title's most extensive update ever released, as part of its 'Rundown' concept, which regularly brings new expeditions.

rebirth features a brand new environment, a new enemy, different expeditions and the introduction of Boosters, which will give players yet another reason to return to the Complex – even if they are killed.

The Complex is the terrifying underground facility in which GTFO is set. The survival of the team depends on the communication, coordination and arsenal management skills of each member. In Rebirth, in addition to meeting new enemies, weapons and objectives, there is an unprecedented environment different from what the player expects from GTFO. The generally dark and cold surroundings now have added elements of nature – in a new environment called Floodways. The update also brings significant changes to gameplay and replayability.

“This Rundown changes GTFO a lot, for new and experienced players alike,” says Ulf Andersson, Creative Director of GTFO. “By exploring the Complex, you may find valuable artifacts that are sought after by the Warden – a mysterious entity that holds the player prisoner. Upon finding the artifacts, the player will be rewarded with the terrifying experience of having a special liquid injected into their brain – so-called Boosters, which offer skill enhancements such as increased damage from assault rifles, or increased speed when hacking computers.”

The introduction of Boosters gives players yet another reason to return to the Facility – regardless of whether or not they have the ambition to win the expedition, as collected artifacts will be handed over to the Warden for evaluation, even when being shot down. Previous Rundown updates have featured the addition of other gameplay mechanics such as tiered difficulty, which gives players the option to choose different routes through expeditions, ranging from very difficult to extremely difficult.

“We are building the foundation for GTFO to come out of its early access. The layered difficulty and Boosters keep the title as the hardcore challenge we've always wanted it to be, but at the same time fair for new players looking to join our fantastic prisoner community. With Rebirth, we're also expanding the lore. 'Who are you and how did you end up in the Complex?' Some of these questions can be answered in this new Rundown if the player finds the right clues,” comments Simon Viklund, Director of Narrative.

The update is free for all players who own GTFO. Title early access is available on Steam for R$ 65.99, but to celebrate the release of the new Rundown, the game is 20% off.


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