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Dangerous game

I don't usually compare or discuss whether a movie is as good as a book. In my opinion, rarely does a film manage to come close to or exceed the book. Especially when it comes to something written by Stephen King.
Start with the synopsis of the film and the trailer below:
In the feature, Gerald and Jessie Burlingame go to their summer home on a warm October day to enjoy a romantic moment that involves adult games. After being handcuffed in bed, Jessie participates in her husband's games, until the situation changes dramatically. She is left tied and alone with her painful childhood memories, a hungry stray dog, the voices in her mind, and possibly someone watching her from the dark corner of the room.
Now the book!
Jessie and Gerald are having relationship problems. In an attempt to breathe new life into their marriage, they travel to an isolated region in Maine. But a sex game turns out to be a prelude to a night of horror. During the game, Jessie is chained to the bed, and suddenly Gerald dies before his eyes. She is trapped and soon realizes that there is no chance of anyone hearing her screams. It is at that moment that, impotent and accompanied only by the husband's corpse, he sees all his greatest fears resurface to torture her. Stephen King's 'Dangerous Game' reveals the electrifying style that enshrined this modern terror master, and immerses the reader in a fascinating and diabolical plot.

"Leave some light on in the bedroom before going to sleep." Very well-advised advice by Stephen King on this book.

The synopsis of the book is always better! It is not possible to say if the adaptation will be as good and dense as the work on paper. First because the books of Stephen King they are very dense and psychological terror affects each person in a different way.
Each reader's imagination is activated in a unique way in each part of the story. Unlike a feature film, we need the image and the interpretation of the actors to pass all the drama that happens in this room. In addition to the visual and the soundtrack.
For the little and much that the trailer has already shown, the film will be (?) Good. Many fans may disagree, as they consider Dangerous game as the weakest work of Stephen King, something I disagree with. In my opinion, there is no better work by the writer. All are phenomenal and capture our fears and traumas in different ways.
Those who do not know, may think it is a 50 shades of gray or some other erotic book from any other autoir. Please! Stephen King when he writes about sex, he really writes about it! And how sex is, and not with poems and scenes so impossible to happen between people. Even getting to know each other amid scents of a morning or slipping on elevators.
The author knows the psyche human and knows that human beings are not always well. And it happens between couples. How many times does one want sex and the other does not? And how many times is something about to start and for a number of reasons everything is finished before you even realize it? A stained wall, the smell of sweat, the bed that makes a lot of noise, the phone that rings and even childhood traumas that suddenly surface with a word or a touch.
jogo-1AND Dangerous game it is. A book that brings (at least in me), a certain claustrophobia (childhood trauma) and disgust and disgust during many scenes with Gerald's death. Because Stephen King don't put “photoshop”In his scenes. He describes what a death is, the state in which the body is, the despair and madness that consume us to be stuck there next to someone who is dead, but at the same time we think only of our survival and without feeling guilty about it , because we are human beings.
It is interesting to read Jessie's thoughts on being concerned at the beginning of how they will find her. There in chains, naked and with her husband dead on the floor. And little by little she thinks that everything will be over soon and it will be impossible for her to stay one more night in that bed.
It looks cold. And it's not? How many people have we seen who care so much about underwear when they go to the hospital? Or have you heard from grandparents that we should always wear new socks, underwear and panties, because if something happens to us, what will doctors think of our old clothes? If you have never been there, you must know someone who has heard it many times.
This book is the classic style of psychological horror and full of delusions that will make us throw the book away and want to go out for a breath and then run back and not lose any more lines.
The film, well, this one will have to wait. The cast is very good, with Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas and Bruce Greenwood. Now we have to wait until the end of September 2017 and check it out. Or depending on who read it, not even wanting to watch it.
Not because the adaptation is good or terrible. But for everything that is shown in the book and makes us want to stay away from what happened in these four walls.


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