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Want to be a game writer? Know how!

SAGA gives tips for those who want to work with games telling stories.


One of the most important aspects of a successful game is storytelling, that is, the ability to tell a story. As much as the graphics and gameplay are unquestionably prominent in any electronic game, the user experience in relation to the narrative is the soul of everything, and without an engaging story that holds the player's attention, the user's immersion in the game it starts to be damaged.

Creating a compelling story, however, is not easy. It is necessary to have creativity and knowledge on the subject, to take into account many criteria and to be always attentive. To help those who plan to work with storytelling in the games industry, Igor La Luz, national academic manager at SAGA, the largest network of gaming and digital art schools, has separated three essential tips to succeed in the profession.

“It's not enough just to have an idea, you have to know how to express it to impact the player. There are several powerful strategies to delight gamers, from characters, scenarios and plot, and telling the story well is certainly one of them”, explains Igor. “Storytelling in games generates identification with the player who puts himself in the place of the character, motivates the user to evolve in his journey, attracts, seduces and maintains a loyal audience”.

search references

At the time of 8 and 16 bits, for example, there was already storytelling. If we go back to the release of Space Invaders in 1978, for example, we will identify the plot involving the aliens and the player's need to save the planet from the invaders. How about the story of two plumbers struggling with the hardships of life on New York's pipes? Mario Bros! It is fundamental to seek references to storytelling in games to develop their own narratives. Every creation is based on a set of elements that, together, give it meaning. Searching, knowing and experimenting are basic and essential steps.

Define the main characteristics of the story

The game must make its essence clear and the main features of the plot need to be easily noticed. Otherwise, the user may not identify, not be enchanted and not enter the journey headlong. An electronic game can receive influences from numerous sources, as long as it is able to clearly manifest them.

Invest in creativity

The perfect combo to create an attractive plot has references and creativity. For those who like the constant challenge of creating scenarios, stories, characters and contexts, allied to a good gameplay platform, creativity will not be a problem, but it is necessary to frequently consider its impact and avoid ready-made and unoriginal formulas.

“Storytelling in games plays a key role in building the game's identity and attracting audiences. From the moment you already have the definition of who will consume the material, look for constant improvements, qualifying the story over time, supported even by user feedback”, concludes Igor.

Cinematic Ideas Factory qualifies screenwriters

In addition to SAGA, many students want to enter the entertainment world by writing their stories. One of the most prestigious courses is FIC's (Cinematic Ideas Factory), from the screenwriters Newton Cannito and Mark Takeda.

In between classes, the students, in addition to getting to know more about the world of screenplays, also discuss all the content that involves a good story. It's not just sitting down and following established rules like in a handout. At FIC's, students are led to think beyond the box and the universe itself.

From character building, storytelling, among other subjects, classes are 100% online and students discuss various contemporary issues from the stories that hit movie and TV screens.

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