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Review: The Hunger Games - On Fire

Remember who the enemy is

Suzanne Collins wrote a successful book trilogy with a solid fan base. Aimed at the teen audience, with a slightly heavier plot than usual, the cinematographic adaptations of these works were certainly promising, to the point of rendering 4 films, and not 3 as it was originally intended. The Hunger Games: On Fire (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) enough to continue this plot.

Even with their disagreements with the book, the Hunger Games was a huge hit at the box office and pleased the audience, especially those who did not read the original work. Already The Hunger Games: On Fire he decides to leave no means behind and invests in being as faithful as possible to the book, delivering a feature with a much higher quality than its predecessor. 

The improvements did not stop only in the adaptation fidelity, the direction of Francis Lawrence, which takes over instead of Gary Ross, is more efficient. Losing the “camera in hand” style of the previous direction, the feature became visually more coexistent and the effects improve a lot. The script, aided by the book that seems to have been written with a cinematic version in mind, manages to maintain a certain level of action and emotion, leading the viewer to feel tension and suspense for almost every plot, but also to be moved at the right times.

Em Chamas
Famous Flaming outfit the couple wears in The Hunger Games: On Fire | Image: Paris Filmes

The Hunger Games: On Fire is happening after the affront of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) to the organization of the games, she must face strong reprisal from the local government, being forced to continue trying to convince with her false romance with Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), fighting this time not only for his life, but for the entire population of Panem. To “celebrate” the 75 years of the hunger games, the President Snow (Donald Sutherland) declares a special edition of the games, entitled Quaternary massacre, where the tributes will be the winners of the old editions of the games.

The Hunger Games: On Fire | Image: Paris Filmes

The characters were better explored in this sequence, leaving them more captivating and passing the necessary despair to something as big as the Quaternary Massacre. The tributes presented in this feature can quickly become remarkable, much of it due to the great performance of the cast.

Of course, some details are removed, partly because of the need for cuts, partly because of what was omitted in the other film. However, nothing that gets in the way of understanding or diminishes fan interest.

See the full sheet and full list of Hunger Games: On Fire

Thunder Wave note
Much more faithful in the adaptation and full of emotions, the sequence was much better than its predecessor.


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