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Jungle Cruise | Discover the attraction that inspired the film

In addition to cinematographic and television works, Disney is world famous for its Resorts around the world, and increasingly seek to integrate their businesses and enrich their brand. In 2020 the company arrives with another novelty, the long Jungle Cruise, which will star Dwayne Johson and Emily Blunt, and is more of a movie inspired by an attraction of the Disney parks.

There are still not many details about the production plot that debuts on July 23, just the fact that it is a jungle expedition in the midst of the great depression in the 1930s, and that this journey presents an epic adventure in the Amazon rainforest , in search of a tree with supernatural healing powers. Of course, finding this tree will not be easy, given the dangers of the forest and the strong German competition.

Jungle Cruise | Conheça a atração que inspirou o filme 1
Jungle Cruise / Disney Attraction

This is not the first time that the company has done this, several attractions have already followed this path and have given rise to features such as The Tower of Terror (1997), Haunted Mansion (2003),Tomorrowland - A Place Where Nothing is Impossible (2015) and the most famous case, the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disney's new venture is inspired by the eponymous attraction, which is present in the Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland (where it’s called “Jungle River Cruise”).

Jungle Cruise | Conheça a atração que inspirou o filme 2
Jungle Cruise / Disney

The attraction, ironically, is inspired by another film: An adventure in Africa (1951), and the first Jungle Cruise opened by Disney was that of Disneyland in California in 1955. It has a forest theme, ranging from its line to the end of the tour, and the visitor lives an experience worthy of an explorer, going on a safari with several mechatronic animals, both on the river and on its edge. Like the film, it has an ambience geared to the 1930s.

Jungle Cruise | Conheça a atração que inspirou o filme 3
Jungle Cruise / Disney

Unlike the feature film, which will take place specifically in the Amazon rainforest, the attraction has a mix of decoration and fauna, mixing between the Amazon rainforest, Congo, Nile River and Mekong River. The drivers are always a show apart, with several jokes along the way, and defending the crew when necessary.

Jungle Cruise | Conheça a atração que inspirou o filme 4
Jungle Cruise / Disney

The attraction has no age or height restriction and is suitable for the whole family, does not have huge falls or speed above normal, unlike others found in the company's parks. The tour lasts an average of 10 minutes and is a good choice for a moment of “rest” during the tour.

Jungle Cruise premieres July 23, check out the trailer:


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