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Jupiter | HBO's new national film addresses family relationships through chess

New national bet HBO, the long Jupiter features Rafael Vitti in the skin of the protagonist who gives name to the work, a young man who lives with his godmother after the death of his mother. When she gets a scholarship in Switzerland, the boy has to start living with his father, who didn't know of his existence until that moment. the father is Mario (Oran Figueiredo), a private detective in his 50s, specializing in adultery flagrants. After a persecution – where he runs away from an adulterous husband – he suffers a heart attack and it is right after this incident that Jupiter enters his life.

The plot is not original, but the way it is used has not yet been used in Brazil, the relationship between Mario and Jupiter intensifies when they discover chess as a common taste, which Jupiter draws his father's attention with his talent.

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Marco Abujamra, director of the feature, revealed that the chess in the plot is not a case, it is an autobiographical element inserted in the script. However, he confesses that if he were to write the script today, he might not use this element, given the success of The Queen's Gambit, gives Netflix, which stood out precisely for the use of chess.

In the chat with the press, Abujamra revealed that the idea came from the need to put some different sport for the protagonist to practice and chess brings a strangeness and an intimate curiosity. It is worth mentioning that the recordings were made before the release of The Queen's Gambit.

Júpiter | Novo filme nacional da HBO aborda relacionamento familiar através do xadrez 1
Rafael Vitti, Oran Figueiredo and Guta Stresser in Jupiter / Image: HBO

Gutta Stresser, which gives life to Teresa, Mario's wife who also has to live with the revelation of her husband's child suddenly entering her life, defends her character. According to the actress, she is totally believable and real. Stresser also reveals that she is a totally different person from the character, according to her “Teresa speaks very quietly and I don't”.

Therefore, the actress confesses that her preparation process to play Teresa was focused on trying to represent an everyday woman, measured, but with many layers. “She is not simply a woman who reads very easily, because we see her and say 'wow, she is a very normal woman, quite possible, everyday”, he commented.

Finally, Guta shares a particular curiosity with the press participants. She says that the family represented in the film is perfectly normal and knows similar families, where a woman with financial and professional stability discovers that her husband has a child. “I am remembering cases in my family from many years ago. I don't think it's an out-of-the-way family,” he confesses.

Jupiter premieres January 21 at HBO Max.

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