O San Marino Kartdromo, located in Paulínia (SP), celebrates, on October 1st, National Elderly Day. Around 4% of customers, regular visitors, are over 60 years old, serving as an example for many young riders. Antonio Canova Filho, 66 years old, Diamantino Netto, 71, and Roberto Juiti Shibata, 66, represent this group, demonstrating that age is no obstacle to achieving new goals and doing something that gives us pleasure.

Lawyer and businessman, Canova says that, when he was still young, he took an automobile mechanics course and worked in the field for many years. However, due to an accident, he had to change sectors when he started working in sales. Some time later, he set up a real estate agency, established in the market for almost 40 years.

Today, he also gives driving lessons to those interested in the sport and who use rental karts, known as rentals. “I started karting in 2017, when I fell in love with the sport. And currently, together with a friend, we set up the Kanova Kart School, which has brought me great joy, as I never imagined that I would be a teacher and give classes in one of the things I most enjoy doing in life, which is driving.

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Antonio Canova Filho

Since I was a boy, I've always liked cars and motorcycles, and my life changed a lot from the moment I started karting, practically at 60 years old. I really liked motorbikes, but I was banned from riding, and then I discovered karting. When I sat in a rental kart for the first time, I thought: wow, this was made for me! And it was in San Marino, in the parking lot of the Leroy Merlin store”, highlights the pilot.

Canova informs that he started to practice the sport regularly since the sports complex was implemented in Paulínia. With his own kart, a Formula 4, he participates in the Talent Kart Cup (TKC) championship, in a field of more than 30 drivers, which he considers challenging. “I hang out with these kids, I'm the oldest on the team, so it's really cool, I really enjoy it! And there are rental kart championships, which I also really like.

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Antonio Canova Filho

As I teach this type of kart, I need to be in this environment to convey the configuration to the students. It’s a different kart than their own, the chassis is more robust and protected by rubber all around, as it must support driving by people who are unfamiliar with the sport”, he explains. And, to train, he uses his shifter kart, with 55 horsepower and six gears. 

Regarding karting, the businessman says that it is a great joy to be able to practice the sport at his age. “Kartism changes people's lives, as it is necessary to be physically well prepared, eat well, avoid alcohol, as the sport does not go well with drinking, nor with cigarettes, nor with any type of addiction, because it requires effort and dedication from the driver. .

And this helps us to be well and prepare ourselves more and more, to explore the best that sport has to offer us. What I have to say, for those in the same age group, is to believe in yourself. If you dream of driving karts, come ride with us! Age doesn't matter, but doing something with love and dedicating yourself does. We are here to prove that it is possible, including hanging out with younger people”, he highlights.

Healthy mind and body, for life and karting

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Diamantino Netto

Another interesting story of a person in the same age group, with karting, is that of fellow businessman Diamantino Netto, member of the Board of Directors of the company he founded 26 years ago, currently run by his son. He says that his history with karting also began in San Marino, in the structure that was in the parking lot of the Leroy Merlin store. “I started karting in 2009, approximately.

With a rented kart, I participated in races with the Clube Kart Campinas (CKC) group and, since 2011, I have had my own kart. In the same year, I also started participating in the Fanatici Kart championship, initially based in Piracicaba, but which also used other tracks in the region, such as Itu and Limeira. Subsequently, Fanatici Kart adopted the Paulínia track as its headquarters for the championships. In 2022, at the age of 70, I retired from racing, but I continue training during the week, with the Biro Racing team, in which I keep my kart number 52, my year of birth”, highlights Netto.

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Diamantino Netto

He says he always liked speed and motorsport and, therefore, participated in Track Days (events organized by racetracks, in which drivers drive their cars), with rented cars, both outside the country and in Brazil, when the sport became to be more popular here. Netto took a driving course and raced at Interlagos, in the Brands and Drivers category. “As motorsport is a very expensive sport, I found in karting the cost-benefit-pleasure solution I was looking for. San Marino was less than 10 minutes from my house and that made it easier to start everything”, he reveals.

To explain what his routine was like, before karting, and how it changed after starting the sport, he remembers the time when he practiced rental karting. “The most memorable event in my life was in the rental, when, many times, I couldn't finish the race due to tiredness, I arrived home destroyed. So, I started to give more importance to physical preparation, improving my conditioning and, consequently, acquiring a better quality of life”, he points out.

Regarding aging and Elderly Day, Diamantino Netto is adamant. “Being elderly is a state of mind, it does not depend on age. Physical conditioning is a state of the human body and we have to work on our physique, to delay the natural aging of the body, trying to keep our mind occupied. This way, we can have a better quality of life and enjoy retirement more. It is cowardice to call a 60-year-old human being elderly! When I founded my company I was 45 years old, at 60 I was in full swing, working and traveling abroad!”, concludes the pilot.

More karting please

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Roberto Juiti Shibata

Roberto Juiti Shibata He says that he has been karting for around 10 years, using a rented kart, and that he has participated in the Talent Kart Indoor (TKI) group for around three years. It reinforces how karting positively influences your life, especially in social contact. “I started karting in San Marino, as a joke between friends. After that, I fell in love with the sport. In the past, my routine was society football, today, I practice go-karting and ride motorbikes. In karting, I made several friends who like the same things as me. It's an addictive sport, so much so that the desire to practice it is increasing, but my agreement with my wife is to practice it three times a month”, he confesses.

Shibata believes that society currently has a different perception of the elderly, due to the change in behavior of the public in this age group. “Because the elderly today are not the old people they used to be, but someone with a young spirit, who wants to live and enjoy life. And being elderly means enjoying the life we have left without worry, enjoying and enjoying all the work we have done, throughout our lives, doing things we like”, he assesses. 

Opened on October 12, 2011, the Kartódromo San Marino has more than 50 fixed and occasional kart championships. Entrance to visit the complex and watch the races is free, with free parking for 200 vehicles. 


San Marino International Kartódromohttps://sanmarinokart.com.br/


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