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Katon | Piticas launches themed restaurant for anime fans

Restaurant brings karaoke room themed from the famous Netflix series Aggretsuko

The pitiful, the largest franchise focused on licensed products in Latin America, presents the Katon, its first anime-themed oriental restaurant, which will open in the first week of April, in Shopping Santa Cruz, in Sao Paulo city.

On April 1st, the opening will take place with a small soft opening, which will only have a few guests and in the first week, the restaurant can be visited by the public, but with reduced hours and only with reservations made in advance.

The restaurant aims to offer anime fans and geeks an immersive experience in oriental culture in an environment decorated in an area of 180m2, which holds up to 80 people at communal tables and booths for up to four people.

A novelty is the secret room theme, which has as its main theme the character Retsuko, from the famous Sanrio animated series, “Aggretsuko” aired on Netflix. Inspired by the very room frequented by the character in the anime, the karaoke room will be a perfect reserved environment for you, like her, to attend after the heavy workday to de-stress by singing a lot with your friends. The room has five seats themed around characters from the series, including Retsuko, so customers can fully immerse themselves. And of course, we will also have a special gift for anyone in the room.

The flagship will be Ramen, a Japanese food that is already a success in Brazil, but the house will also offer other options on its menu, such as domburis, baos and portions, vegetarians and desserts. All properly themed, from name to presentation. A delight for fans!

Those in love with oriental culture already have the right address in São Paulo. Katon will have a jovial, fun space equipped with a screen with anime, a totally 'instamagable' place. The idea is that the visitor returns not only for the food, but for the environment that will always have news, including licensed actions with brands that already work with pitiful, as SANRIOFUNIMATION and TOEI.

The restaurant Katon will be open every day, from 10 am to 11 pm and is located in the Shopping Santa Cruz, in São Paulo, Capital. Address: Rua Domingos de Morais, 2564, on the ground floor.

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