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Masters of the Universe: Revelation Creator Explains Title Is Not About He-Man

Kevin Smith explains that Netflix's Masters of the Universe: Revelation title is actually about another character's journey.

Kevin Smith, the creator of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, recently explained the title of the show. After successful renewal of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power through the Netflix, Smith's project will be the streamer's second animated series based on the iconic 1980s series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Smith's show features a cast of voices that include Chris Wood how He-Man, Mark Hamill how Skeleton and Sarah Michelle Gellar how teela. Additional roles are dubbed by Diedrich Bader, Kevin Conroy, Liam Cunningham, Lena Headey and Justin Long.

As a direct sequel to the original series, Revelation will begin after the final battle between He-Man, the alter ego of Prince Adam, and Skeleton, the hero's archenemy. After numerous teasing by Smith about his reaction to the trailer, the show's first footage and the show's premiere date, fans finally got their first real vision of Revelation yesterday (10), about a month and a half before the show's date. launch. The show's first teaser trailer (highlighted above) revealed its epic and action-packed story.

Now, during the ongoing festivities of the Netflix's Geeked Week, day 4 of the event was centered on anime and animation, which in addition to Masters of The Universe, also featured Godzilla, Resident Evil, between others. Kevin Smith showed up and took some time to explain what the subtitle of his series, Revelation, refers to. Read Smith's explanation below:

Revelation in the title of Masters of The Universe (in Brazil it's like Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia), refers to the journey of teela. She discovers something about herself that was suggested in the old legacy program. And this is a kernel that we blew up and really played with on this show. So the revelation in question really has to do with Teela. And that's because, if you remember the old show, at the beginning, they were talking about, 'Only three other people know its secret.' And they were, the witch, O Mentor it's the fat (Orko in the US), in addition to the Peaceful/Warrior Cat (Cringer in USA). Teela, who He-Man fought side by side, and Teela, who protected Adam when he wasn't He-Man, was always left out of it. She was kept in the dark like Lois Lane. So our approach to the story was like, 'What happens if she finds out? What happens when she finds out who He-Man really is? What if she learned that not from him confessing? “It wasn't him saying, 'You know what, I think you can handle it. “It was through the adventure, the epic. Something happens that breaks everyone's world and all the revelations when they are revealed.

Based on Smith's explanation of the title, it looks like her He-Man series will actually focus more on another character, Teela, as she tries to find the lost sword of power and save the universe. In previous installments of the franchise, Teela was known as Captain of the Royal Guard at Eternia's palace and therefore charged with protecting and training Prince Adam, although she is unaware of her alter ego.

Now with the subtitle Revelation explained, it would be good if in Brazil they changed Salvando Eternia to the correct one, which has a much greater impact on the plot.

While Smith's series may focus on a different character, he has previously said that his animation will not attempt to reinvent the franchise and will instead pay homage to the original show with a slight adult twist. Now that Smith has revealed that the show's title refers to Teela, audiences may have a better idea of what to expect when Masters of the Universe: Revelation premieres on Netflix next month.


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