The red jumpsuit has always been there, since the first screenplay of La Casa de Papel. “We are always looking for something unique. It is necessary, in some way, to have a differential, an identity and DNA of its own”, he says.  Álex Pina, creator of the series. The decision was to reduce the primary colors and highlight red among all the others. “That's why all our thieves and hostages should wear uniforms, so that the red jumpsuit becomes a key part of the look of the series”, says director Jesús Colmenar.

Over the five seasons, more than 600 red jumpsuits were used and, despite this uniformity, the La Casa de Papel are far from tiring. “It is very enriching to produce the costumes of La Casa de Papel  because each character is very different from the other. It has been a very rewarding challenge to wear, with the iconic red jumpsuit, each character individually and then as a group”, he says. Carlos Diez, responsible for the costumes of the series. See more in the video above.

See below for more fun facts about La Casa de Papel:

  • 2000 minutes of action and two robberies then we are 7 days away from the premiere of La Casa de Papel Part 5: Volume 1;
  • Over the seasons, more than 300 locations in 7 countries;
  • The recordings took place at Spain, Thailand, Denmark, Panama, Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom, where the scenes of the Bank of Spain's flooded safe were filmed;
  • 6000 gold bars scenographies were produced for the series, and one million 50 euro banknotes, also scenographic, were printed to be thrown in the streets of Madrid;
  • In 41 episodes, all this treasure was disputed with the use of 275 different weapons, added to 150  war munitions that Gandía keeps in his private arsenal inside the Bank of Spain.

It has been more than 100 hours since the mission in the Bank of Spain began. The group of robbers managed to rescue Lisbon, but there is no reason to celebrate — quite the contrary: the moment is one of tension and mourning. The Professor has been captured by Sierra, and for the first time in his life, he doesn't have an escape plan. Just when it looked like the situation couldn't get any worse, an enemy appeared far more powerful than any ever faced: the army. The biggest heist in history is coming to an end — and what started as a robbery is about to turn into war.


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