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Releases from Editora Intrinsic that are worth checking out

The Intrinsic Publisher released its planned launches from February to April of that year. Check the list and prepare your readings:

In mourning after the death of boyfriend Sydney, Gavin sets fire to all the memories of the relationship and flies to his friends' house, where he hopes to find some peace. There, he meets Joan, who has the rare ability to remember every day of his life in cinematic detail. She had lived with Sydney and has many vivid memories to share with Gavin. Alternating the voices of the two characters, The pros and cons of never forgettingit is a tender and hilarious exploration of loss, memory, friendship and renewal.VAL EMMICH is a writer, composer, singer and actor. Acted in TV series Vinyl30 RockThe Big C and Ugly Betty. He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, with his wife and two children. The pros and cons of never forgetting it is his first book. His most recent novel, Dear Evan Hansen, inspired by the Tony-winning musical of the same name, is the best-selling The New York Times.
THE FIFTH RISKby Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis' brilliant narrative takes the reader through the wheels of a government attacked by its own leaders. Lewis interviewed government agency officials to hear what they would have to say about the Trump team's brutal disinterest and unpreparedness in strategic sectors. The Commerce Department risks not having the personnel to carry out the 2020 Census, while the Energy Census, which manages the global nuclear risk, still does not know if there will be enough inspectors to track and combat the black uranium market before terrorists reach the metal. The result of this research is frightening and shows the extent of the damage that can be caused by this mismanagement. MICHAEL LEWIS graduated from Princeton University and holds a master's degree in economics from the London School of Economics. Author of several bestsellers, he is a columnist for Bloomberg News and a contributor to magazines such as The New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.
YOU WERE BORN FOR IT, by Michelle Sacks
Ever since they moved to Sweden, Merry and Sam have looked like characters from a fairy tale. Merry seems to love the new life of a housewife. Sam, a former university professor, is looking for a career as a filmmaker. With little Conor, they are the portrait of the perfect family. When Merry's best childhood friend visits the paradise in which the three live, then the different points of view of each character make it clear that there is something rotten about this apparent perfection. In her first novel, Michelle Sacks portrays the darkness at the heart of the most intimate relationships. Without heroes and permeated by a web of secrets, obsession and envy, You were born for this it is a violent account of lives that are almost never what seem on the dark side that we are unable to admit. MICHELLE SACKS was born in South Africa. Master of Literature and Cinema, she was nominated for a Commonwealth short story award in 2014 and twice to the South African PEN Literary Award. Currently lives in Switzerland.
More than a decade after the best seller The book Thief, Markus Zusak presents his new story. Chaos dominates a family when five boys are abandoned by their father without explanation. One day, the patriarch returns with an unusual request: he needs help to build a bridge. Only one of them decides to help you, Clay. The bridge is built not only with stones, but also with memories - of the mother, the father, the brothers and himself. With a unique, poetic and inventive language, the book chronicles the journey of a family marked by guilt and death.MARKUS ZUSAK was born in 1975, in Sydney. Your best seller The book Thief it has achieved worldwide success, having been translated into more than forty languages and won several awards. Through Intrinsic, he also published The girl I want and I am the messenger.
SLAUGHTERHOUSE-5, by Kurt Vonnegut
Billy Pilgrim is an American who fought in World War II and witnessed the total destruction of the city of Dresden. A science fiction enthusiast, Billy travels in time, to other planets, and revisits several moments in his own life - the crucial point of his existence being the episode in which he was taken prisoner during World War II, when he experienced the bombing of the German city, in which 135 thousand people died. A sarcastic, funny, ironic and sad narrative, first published in 1969, in the middle of the Vietnam War, becoming a landmark of social criticism in world literature. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of what is considered one of Vonnegut's most important books. KURT VONNEGUT was born in 1922 in the state of Indiana, in the United States. Still young, he enlisted in the army and fought in World War II. After returning to the United States, he devoted himself to literature and, over more than 40 years, published 14 novels and various short stories, plays and non-fiction tales, including the best-selling novel Slaughterhouse-5. He died in 2007.
WORLD IN CHAOS (VOL. 1), by Patrick Ness
Todd Hewitt lives in a city inhabited only by men who can hear each other's thoughts. Within a month of coming of age and in the midst of the cacophony in his head, he is increasingly certain that there is a terrible secret lurking, so he needs to go. On the way he comes across a strange and silent creature: a girl. Who is she? And why isn't she dead, like all other women? The first book of the trilogy World in chaoschronicles the journey of a boy who will need to leave the world he knows to find out who he really is.PATRICK NESS was born in 1971 in Virginia, United States. With the trilogy World in chaos won several awards, including Best Fiction for Children, granted by the newspaper The Guardian, and the Carnegie Medal. He currently lives in London and teaches at Oxford University.
MAKE TIME, by Jake Knapp and John Zerarsky
The authors of Sprint present in Make time a 4-step system to improve your concentration, find even more job satisfaction and produce more on a daily basis. Mandatory reading for anyone who has ever thought or said: “Ah! If the day had a few more hours… ”, this book will help the reader to stop reacting passively to the demands of the modern world and to deliberately start making time for the things that matter.JAKE KNAPP is the creator of the sprint method. Designer, today integrates Google Ventures. Before that, he worked at Google and led sprints that resulted in the creation and improvement of products like Gmail and Google X. JONH ZERATSKY was a design leader on YouTube and worked at FeedBurner, a company acquired by Google in 2007, before joining the Google Ventures. John writes about design and productivity in The Wall Street Journal, at Fast Company and on Wired.

LIFE IS NOT FAIR, by Andréa Pachá
From the experience of 15 years as a judge of a Family Court, with a routine of up to ten hearings per day, Andréa Pachá has accumulated a rich collection of stories of couples in times of crisis. They are divorces, separation traumas, custody of children, paternity investigation, reconciliation - that is, the raw material for dramas, comedies and tragedies in private life. The book will have a new edition, with new material and the same visual identity as Old are the others.ANDRÉA PACHÁ is a judge. She was an advisor to the National Council of Justice responsible for the creation of the National Adoption Register and for the implementation of Domestic Violence Courts throughout the country, for which she received the Citizen Bertha Lutz diploma in 2010. Before the magistracy she was part of a dramaturgy group and was a theater producer. He is a columnist for the newspaper The globe and radio commentator CBN. She is the author of Life is not fair (2012) and Justice secret (2014), books that gave rise to the series Secrets of Justice, from Fantástico, and Old are the others (2018).
In the late 1970s, Blyton Hills has unlikely heroes: a group of teenagers and their pet dog. They are responsible for solving the bombing crime involving the Deboën Mansion. This case leaves irreversible marks on the lives of the members of the Blyton Detective Club and, years later, nightmares and traumas cause them to return to the city to face unimaginable terrors.EDGAR CANTERO was born in Barcelona in 1981. In addition to being a writer, is a cartoonist. Cantero is known for his literary style that combines true humor with action scenes, haunted houses and diverse pop references.
Bestseller The New York Times that brings together the incredible exploits of one of the greatest scientific minds of this century. Richard Feynman was not only one of the most important scientists in the world, but also a brilliant personality, whose research earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. In this compilation of conversations with Ralph Leighton, his biographer, there is an irrepressible curiosity, a sense of humor and the broadest culture. Feynman tells about experiences like exchanging ideas about atomic physics with Einstein, breaking into vaults that contained the most secret nuclear secrets, accompanying a ballet performance playing his bongo and painting a naked bullfighter.RICHARD FEYNMAN was an American physicist and one of the pioneers of quantum electrodynamics. Professor at Cornell University in New York, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965.
OBLIVION SONG #1by Robert Kirkman
Ten years ago, 300,000 Philadelphia residents disappeared in Oblivion. The government created several initiatives to rescue them, but after many years, they gave up. Nathan Cole did not do the same. He travels there daily, risking his life to try to save the survivors from the hellish place that is Oblivion. Is Nathan looking for something? Why can't he resist the call of Oblivion music? ROBERT KIRKMAN has won several Eisner awards for his hit series, The Walking Dead, which was adapted for television in 2010 and is a success today. He is executive producer of the program, in addition to the spin-off Fear the Walking DeadFive Years and Outcast.LORENZO DE FELICI is an Italian illustrator who worked for Marvel and now works for Skybound Entertainment.

ANNALISA LEONI is an Italian illustrator and colorist who works for the Skybound Entertainment.

QUICKSAND, by Malin Persson Giolito
A school shooting in a wealthy Stockholm neighborhood. Maja Norberg, 18, is accused of being involved in the massacre, which killed her boyfriend and best friend. She spent nine months in prison, awaiting trial. Now the time has come. How does Maja, a privileged, popular and intelligent teenager, manage to be so cold in front of the public? What did she do? Or was it what she failed to do that led her there?
Thriller that will give rise to the first original Swedish series from Netflix, scheduled to debut in March.MALIN PERSSON GIOLITO is a law graduate and was an employee of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. Quicksand it is his fourth published book and will give rise to Netflix's first original Swedish series, scheduled to debut in March.
LIGHT TIME, by Whitney Scharer
Fictional romance about Lee Miller and Man Ray's troubled relationship. Miller arrives in Paris in the early 1930s ready to begin her career as a photographer. A successful model in New York, she was tired of being the object of someone else's lens and felt ready to show the world from her own perspective. Here, the effervescent, lascivious and bohemian atmosphere of the city provides an unusual encounter with Man Ray, leading to a story of love, maturity and discoveries that will transform the lives of both. WHITNEY SCHARER obtained a master's degree in Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Washington in 2004. His tales were published in several media, including New Flash Fiction ReviewCimarron Review and Bellevue Literary Review. Born in Colorado, she now lives outside Boston with her family. Light time it is his first novel.


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