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Review: Lego Batman- The Movie

"The password is: iron man is boring"


The productions of Lego they are usually well received by the public, from animated series to games rewritten in the company's version, their adaptations please children and adults for their simple and funny construction.

In 2014, Lego showed that it also has a way for cinema and launched Lego- The Movie, a work made with the characters that the company manufactures in its scenarios, and it worked very well, even though it seemed somewhat commercial, it managed to please the public with its comic tone. The character that stood out the most in this feature was the Lego Batman, practically a satire of the original character, had a small participation, but stole the show.

So there was little surprise when they announced Lego Batman- The Movie, since the character managed to conquer the world, it seemed more than logical to give him a solo animation, bringing back all the funny elements that were presented in Lego- The Movie and even the voice actor (Will Arnet), which fit the paper so well.

By watching the film, we agreed that this was a production that was not only logical, but practically necessary. Keeping the sarcastic and good-natured tone, the plot deepens in Batman's solitary life, treating his relationship problems in a very coherent way, exploring his emotional and his relationship with the Joker in an incredible way.

Like everything that involves Gothan (or DC in general, as it has been currently) the focus is divided between the protagonist and his Arch-enemy Joker, which brings an immense challenge to the hero with yet another evil plan. The more personal side of the Batman is explored with the arrival of the orphan Dick, better known as Robin, and the very well placed Barbara Gordon, who argues that Gothan needs a union between Batman and the police to finally solve their problems.

Lego Batman: The Movie - Joker

The script was deep and well explored (better than certain recent works) impressing by not leaving any loose ends and surprising by the huge amount of references. Throughout the film we see countless mentions of all ages in Batman on the screens - including the series of Adam West– and other successful productions. Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that from a moment onwards, the viewer will redouble their attention and look to every corner looking for another element of famous classics.

Lego Batman: The Movie- Robin and Batman

Lego Batman- The Movie it is a pleasant surprise, not because it is good, that fact was expected, but because it manages to maintain an impressive quality for an animation, if you take out the Lego dolls, you can easily pass for a superhero production. Theories, relationships and origins of characters from the comics of A.D they are well placed, of course, soothed so as not to shock the children, however managing to maintain consistency. It is ironic that the best feature film in DC in recent years, with production from Warner, has come in Lego form.

Lego Batman - The Movie opens in theaters on Thursday, February 9.


  1. I haven't seen animation yet, but DC it wins in terms of well shot animations than Marvel. Just look at the movie “The Killing Joke.”


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