Thursday, 28, January, 2021

The character Li Shang, commander of the troops and romantic couple of Mulan, in the animation, may have been cut in the new plot in live-action. The supposed cut of the character, generated numerous criticisms for the Disney. The buzz arose from a document, a kind of so-called cast of 2017, long before the film was postponed a year and five months, reaching the fans' notice, who promptly noticed the character's absence. As it is an old document, it may be that something has changed, so it is just speculation.

According to the document, Li Shang was replaced by a character identified as Chen Honghui, a recruit from the same troop of Mulan, who aims to be the best soldier in the world and finds a rival in heroin and after discovering that she is a woman in disguise, “your feeling of rivalry is transformed into something different, like love", for example.

Sad to report that it was basically confirmed that Li Shang won't be in live-action in Mulan. The casting call was confirmed as correct. Donnie Yen was cast as Commander Tung, which is next to the description of Chen Honghui“Says the tweet. And it ends, directly to the romantic couple of Mulan: “Rest in peace, bisexual icon“.

Well, needless to say, the fans didn’t like to know about this pseudo substitution and not just because it’s one of the protagonists and romantic couple of Mulanas well as being viewed by a number of viewers as an icon of bisexual representation - fans claim that Shang shows interest in Mulan not only after becoming a woman, but also, while she keeps her cover as Ping.

Last Thursday (12), more changes for the live-action have been announced. The actress Gong Li was confirmed to play the villain of the film, a witch. The character does not exist in the original 1998 animation, which was Shan Yu, leader of the Huns. Another drastic change is that the “new” Mulan will have a sister, who will be lived by the actress Xana Tang.

The actor Donnie Yen was also added to the cast and is separated to interpret the Commander Tung, a mentor / advisor / teacher who doesn't exist in the original 1998 version either - the character was created especially for the live-action. Another big name that joins the cast is the actor Jet Li, well known for starring in oriental films. In the feature, he will interpret the Emperor of China.

As we already reported here on Thunder, the actress Liu Yifei, popularly known as Crystal Liu, the protagonist of the plot will live. The New Zealand filmmaker Niki Caro signs the direction of the feature, which is expected to debut for the day March 27, 2020.


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