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Lifetime premieres 'Stockholm, Pennsylvania', film about young man who lived in captivity for 17 years

O Lifetime announces the display of Stockholm, Pennsylvania (Stockholm, Pennsylvania), a film starring Saoirse Ronan, Cynthia Nixon, Jason Isaac and David Warshofsky, about a young woman who, after being kidnapped as a child, struggles to adapt to her life when she returns home.

After disappearing for 17 years, Leia (Ronan) is found miraculously and returned home with her parents Marcy (Nixon) and Glen Dargon (Warshofsky), but after so long, Leia feels distant from the family. Raised by her kidnapper, Benjamin McKay (Isaacs), she finds herself unable to connect with those who love her most, and she longs for a life alongside the only father figure she has met so far, Ben, as well as the security she had. living in the attic, where she was hidden.

For the Dargon, the wounds of his disappearance are deep, but Marcy is not willing to lose Leia again and will do whatever it takes to keep from her daughter again, regardless of whether her marriage may fall apart. Leia has no idea of the outside world, which allows Marcy to keep her more or less confined during the complicated time of adaptation.

The film was produced by Greg Ammon, Leslie Urdang and Dan Halsted; and debuted in 2015 at the Sundance Festival, where it received good reviews from the specialized press. “Written and directed by filmmaker Nikole Beckwith, the film also deals with life from a woman who has escaped danger. But he will have to face new judgments, since he cannot embrace his new and old life, "said the newspaper. The New York Times.

The filmmaker decided to make this film because in her childhood it was very common to know about children who had been abducted, and she wanted to clarify doubts about what happened to them. “This is just one line of the film, I think it is more about recognizing the shocks experienced when growing up and becoming an adult woman, this is just an opening that allowed me to talk about love and human relationships”, said the creator of long.

Stockholm, Pennsylvania will be shown on June 28, at 22:00, on Lifetime.



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