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LIMBO… until I decide | New series features strong protagonist who promises to surpass men in the business field

The only series in Latin America nominated for Canneseries, LIMBO... until I decide presents an interesting story with a strong and very well constructed protagonist.

Composed of 10 episodes of 45 minutes and filmed in the cities of Buenos Aires and Madrid, the original Star follows the story of Sofia (Clara lake), a young millionaire who seems to have it all: a glamorous life, a family that satisfies her every whim and great friends who are her accomplices in a daring lifestyle. When your father (Enrique Piñeyro) dies, she must return to Buenos Aires, the city where she was born, and face an intense legacy that includes the family business, rivalry with her two brothers (friend mike and Esteban Perez) and the discovery of an unknown side of his father. Motivated to prove that she can be more than an expensive ornament, Sofia will embark on a journey full of stumbling blocks, but also revelations.

With high production values, outstanding talent both in front of and behind the camera, and an original and disturbing tone, the series revolves around a strong female character who must find her place in a male environment, highlighting themes of female empowerment. and the questioning of social and cultural mandates.

According to the directors Agustina Macri and Fabiana Tiscornia, in a chat with Thunder Wave, feminism is something very well worked on in this work and they even intend for the protagonist to fight against patriarchy. The main actress Clara Lago comments that this construction was very well thought out to convey the correct message.

See the full interview below:

LIMBO… até eu decidir | Nova série apresenta protagonista forte que promete superar os homens em campo empresarial 1
Cast and production of Limbo… Until I Decide in Canneseries / Publicity

TW: You chose to put an interesting type of deafness into the plot. She has a deafness that leaves a silence of her own. What was the research work required for this element and do you intend to address more of this in the future?

Agustina Macri : The protagonist uses a cochlear implant. I researched on the subject to inform us and buy with precision so as not to make mistakes. I tried to find a model with a little more technology and we identified with an object that I could put on and off whenever I wanted. I thought it was a creative way to try to explore what that feeling was like and visually represent the story.

TW: What is the inspiration and preparation needed for this character?

Clara Lago: I had a consultation with Karina, the person who was there to help us with the whole issue of digital language, she uses a cochlear implant. So we take into account the time they were unable to hear anything too. But there wasn't anything especially remarkable about the acting, just for me it served to build that little childhood trauma that justifies how she tends to go to her personal and silent world from time to time.

TW: Sofia starts out as a character who is not involved in the business world and gives the impression that her bow will make her better than her brothers in this matter. Is this the character's idea, representing the feminine winning patriarchy?

Fabiana Tiscornia: Sofia is a person who suffered deprivation, in fact, she had a series of deprivations very close to each other, very close to blows with all that burden of deprivation, armed to leave her out of the family. When in the first episode she returns to her home country and gets back in touch with that business heritage, and also with the old related ones, she starts trying to build something different and of course she will be strengthened in this search. It will rebuild and think and visit traumatic places and with that it will become stronger. There is a clear reading about the power that a woman has, about the power that a human being has to develop in freedom, understanding freedom also as the ability to heal, freedom as the ability to take care of ourselves and ours.

Clara lake: For me what I liked when I read the first two chapters is that I always thought there was a very human scale in the series, which in addition to the problems and traumas, spoke of something very human that anyone, in different conditions of life, can be feel invited to watch and identify.

TW: Limbo… Until I Decide it was the only series in Latin America to be nominated for the Canneseries. What do you think highlights the series to earn this nomination?

Agustina Macri: I would say that fortunately there is a presence from Latin America at today's festival, it's time for Limbo be happy tomorrow. Fortunately that happens, we have the possibility to bring the series and they will open paths for everyone.

Clara Lago: I think the reason is to be a feminine, emotional series and I think that from the aesthetic side it seems to me that visually the series is very attractive, that it has a rhythm and a range of colors that sometimes reminds me of cinema because it has always been more valued, it had more prestige.

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