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Start Animations News | Animations Lino: Animation is the biggest opening of a national animation

Lino: Animation is the biggest opening of a national animation

Lino, Brazilian production produced by StartAnima and distributed by Fox Film do Brasil, opened in theaters on September 7 and broke the record for the highest opening of a national animation.

More than 115 thousand spectators went to the cinema, reaching about R$ 2MM reais at the box office, which already puts him ahead of the complete career of other Brazilian animations, including the previous film of the producer, Grilo Feliz and the Giant Insects whose collection was of R$1.952.356.

Lino reached the fifth largest opening of a national film in 2017. The 3D format represents 51% of the total box office.

The animation is directed by Rafael Ribas and has the voices of the actors Selton Mello, who plays the main character Lino, Paolla de Oliveira, who plays Patty, and Janine, Dira Paes.


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