Tuesday, 19, January, 2021
Start Animations News | Animations Lino- The first teaser of Fox's new animation is out

Lino- The first teaser of Fox's new animation is out

Saiu o primeiro teaser da animação Lino, new animation from Fox Film do Brasil, in partnership with StartAnima. O engraçado vídeo nos apresenta a azarada vida de Lino, que tenta melhorar sua situação e acaba apenas piorando.

Check out:


Lino is a very unlucky party animator who can't take his job anymore because he needs to dress up every day in a horrible fantasy of a giant cat and always endure the same routine of child abuse. Tired of everything and trying to get rid of bad luck who pursues him, Lino decides to seek the help of Don Leon, an alleged “wizard” not very talented, who turns him into just what he most wanted to get rid of: his own fantasy!

With voices of Selton Mello, Paolla de Oliveira and Dira Paes, a animação tem estreia prevista para 2017


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