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Live on welcoming and school performance discusses the challenges of education in the present and reflects on the future

The covid-19 pandemic arrived in 2020 and suddenly changed the world, accelerated changes and changed habits. Schools, for example, closed and educators needed to reinvent themselves to quickly reach the millions of students who started studying remotely, with or without the technological resources to do so. A year after the closing of educational institutions, online classes and with the pandemic on the rise, what do educational institutions think and plan? In a country of such diversity and inequalities, how to work on reception and school performance? What are the challenges of today and how can education be transformed from that moment on?

To reflect on these issues and the future of education in Brazil, Educational Technology promotes the day March 30, at 7 pm, live “welcome and school performance: the challenges of the present and looking to the future“. Registration is free and can be made on here.

Mediated by Professor Mota, consultant specializing in Active Teaching Methodologies, specialist in Principles of Technology and Master in Emerging Technologies in Education, the virtual chat will feature Marcelo Ferreira da Costa, vice president of the Union of Municipal Education Directors ( Undime) and Municipal Secretary of Education of Goiânia; José Augusto Júnior, treasurer director of the general administration of the Marist Province Brasil Centro-Norte and Guilherme Adolpho Josetti Cezar, deputy director of Education at Colégio Militar de Curitiba, who will debate the impacts of this period with students far from the classroom and from so many changes in the way of teaching.

Guests will also share strategies to overcome the obstacles that continue to impose themselves in the teaching and learning process and assess how these transformations will influence the education of the future, in the most varied layers of educational institutions in Brazil.

The realization and transmission of live is an initiative of the digital space “From the World to School”, which is now a fixed section of the Educational Technology blog. Camila Maron, Educational Technology marketing coordinator, explains that the platform was created last year to provide reliable and quality content about covid-19 in the school environment, develop work proposals for schools and build a support network for managers , principals, teachers, parents and students face the pandemic.

We reached more than ten thousand people, and the experience that arose from an emergency and ad hoc need turned into something much bigger and we cannot go back. We realized that keeping the network connected is valuable for education in our country, whether in the public or private area, and we are very happy to continue with this project within the blog“says Camila.

The content "OfWorld for School" is available on blog Educational Innovation at Positivo Tecnologia's Educational Technology unit.

Live reception and school performance: the challenges of the present and looking to the future
When: March 30th
Schedule: 19h
Like: online
Registrations: at the blog of Educational Technology

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Live sobre acolhimento e performance escolar discute os desafios da educação no presente e reflete sobre o futuro 1
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