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Team Liquid's official store arrives in Brazil with new collections, exclusive products and collaboration with Fortnite

Cavalaria's e-commerce in the country opens on June 24, brings exclusive items developed by local partners and reflects the organization's greater investment in the Brazilian market.

Brazilian fans of Cavalry have new reasons to celebrate. THE Team Liquid just announced the launch of its official online store in Brazil, and, as of this Friday (24), will sell clothing and accessories exclusive to the organization in the national territory. In addition to traditional products, such as game uniforms, t-shirts, outerwear, caps, beanies, key chains, backpacks, flags and plush toys for the Blue mascot, Team Liquid's e-commerce in the country will feature an unprecedented collection developed in collaboration with the game Fortnite. .

“It took more than four years of waiting and hard work until we were able to give our fans in Brazil the same experience that we will offer abroad”, says Rafael Queiroz, General Manager of Team Liquid in Brazil. “This is a very important step towards solidifying our presence in the national market and enabling all Brazilians who love Liquid to enjoy our official products and celebrate their common passion for the organization. As the slogan of this campaign says, Brazilian fan, 'IT'S YOUR TIME TO BE LIQUID'”.

“Brazil became an important part of the Team Liquid brand in 2018,” says Mike Milanov, Chief Business Development Officer at Team Liquid. “Over these years, we have invested a lot in local infrastructure and we are proud to announce our digital store in the country. We will continue to build and invest in the experience for fans in the country, following the growth of Cavalry in the region”.

Liquid's Brazilian e-commerce will already adhere to the new global design of the brand, with a more minimalist and simple concept for the user. In addition, it was completely localized for the Brazilian public and has all its products manufactured by local partners, reducing shipping times and costs for the consumer and supporting the industry and local partners.

powerful partnership

Team Liquid's recently announced Fortnite collab will be available in Brazil from the launch of the store and includes t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, caps, beanies, socks and mousepads inspired by six Fortnite players from Calavaria, including the Brazilian Thales 'Pulga' Henrique – whose items will be sold exclusively at the store in Brazil. The products are based on each of their favorite characters and skins and feature unique patchwork designs with upcycling fabrics. The North Americans 'Stretch', 'Harmii' and 'Scoped' and the Europeans 'Alixxa' and 'Mitro' will also be represented in the collection.

In addition to the apparel line, the partnership between Team Liquid and Fortnite extends to the game's own universe. Through Fortnite Creative mode, Liquid will create a special map with six regions, each representing one of the six players present in the collection. Details of the collab and the new store will also be revealed in a major campaign on social media and Official Team Liquid platforms on the internet, with posts and videos with several Cavalry athletes.

The arrival of the Brazilian version of the Liquid Store is just part of the big investment that Team Liquid is making in the country. Starting in the next few weeks, local fans will receive other great Cavalry news and learn more ways to engage with the brand and meet eSports idols. 

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