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LOL: If you laugh, it's over | Amazon Announces Cast of Original Brazilian Series


O Amazon Prime Video announced the cast of the new Brazilian comedy series Original Amazon LOL: If you laugh, it's over. Hosted by actor and comedian Tom Cavalcante in partnership with Clarice Falcon, the series will feature the participation of comedians nany people, Thiago Ventura, Bruna Louise, Estevam Naboth, Diogo Defante, Marlei Barley, Igor Guimaraes, Flavia Reis, Noemia Oliveira and Yuri Marcal. Participants represent different styles of comedy over six episodes: stand-up, improv, physical and character comedy, among others.

In the series, the comedians will compete against each other to see who can keep from laughing and at the same time try to make their opponents laugh, as they fight for a prize pool of R$ 350,000 that will go to a charity chosen by the winner. LOL: If you laugh, it's over will be released exclusively on Prime Video in Brazil and in more than 240 countries and territories, and will introduce the world to some of the best talent in Brazilian comedy today.

LOL: If you laugh, it's over is an adaptation of the Japanese series Original Amazon Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documental, que desde 2018 lançou edições locais em países ao redor do mundo, incluindo México, Austrália, Alemanha, França, Itália, Espanha e Índia, bem como a adaptação anunciada recentemente para o Canadá. A série é construída em torno de uma única regra – quem rir, perde – e coloca os oponentes cara a cara por seis horas de piadas, com o último comediante sobrevivente ganhando o grande prêmio.

LOL: If you laugh, it's over is produced by Formata for Amazon Studios, with Pedro Antonio and Eduardo Pupo serving as showrunner and director, respectively; beside Daniela Busoli, Leonardo Lopes and Claudia Alves as executive producers. Tom Cavalcante and Clarice Falcão join the team already formed by other famous presenters of the franchise LOL from Amazon Studios, including Eugenio Derbez in the mexican series LOL: Last One Laughing and Rebel Wilson for the Australia edition.



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