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LOL: If you laugh it's over | New national production challenges comedians not to laugh


Based on an international format that has been pleasing audiences globally, LOL: If you laugh it's over wins Brazilian version by Amazon Prime Video.

The program has an interesting proposal, which consists of placing comedians confined in a special environment, where they will make their presentations and interact, but they cannot laugh. Together in this studio, which has no fewer than 46 cameras, the participants challenge each other to see who can manage not to laugh and, at the same time, try to make their opponents laugh. The last person left in the game wins a prize of R$ 350,000, which will be donated to a charity chosen by the winner.

The Brazilian version has six episodes of 30 minutes each and guest appearances nany people, Thiago Ventura, Bruna Louise, Estevam Naboth, Diogo Defante, Marlei Barley, Igor Guimaraes, Flavia Reis, Noemia Oliveira and Yuri Marcal. The group takes the opportunity to present various styles of comedy such as stand-up, improvisation, physical and character comedy, among others. Diversity in style and participants was an important point for the production, so the challenge seems even more complicated.

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Through the three episodes provided by the company, it is possible to become familiar with the dynamics of the reality show that, presented by Tom Cavalcanti and Clarice Falcon, presents its proposal in an informal, fast and accurate way, leaving the time of 6 hours in which the participants will be in the highlighted challenge. With these big names in Brazilian comedy involved, it was to be expected that the production would be fun and it fulfills this promise, however, the surprise is that it is easier to have fun with the participants' reaction when trying not to laugh, than with the jokes in itself.

The level of production is impressive, leaving nothing to be desired for the international versions, with the addition of diversity to help with quality and with presentations that show the talent of each participant also in their individual shows.

LOL: If You Laugh It's Ago/ Amazon Prime

LOL: If you laugh it's over debuts as a good entertainment option, managing to get some laughs and delivering a few hours of unpretentious fun. It's a great option to distract the mind, especially in times of so much stress that we're going through.

LOL: If you laugh it's over is scheduled for release December 3 on Amazon Prime Video.



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