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Lol: If Laughing It's Over | Participants reveal why Brazilian production stands out from others

Based on an international format that has been pleasing audiences globally, LOL: If you laugh it's over wins Brazilian version by Amazon Prime Video. The Brazilian version has six episodes of 30 minutes each and guest appearances nany people, Thiago Ventura, Bruna Louise, Estevam Naboth, Diogo Defante, Marlei Barley, Igor Guimaraes, Flavia Reis, Noemia Oliveira and Yuri Marcal. They, together with the presenters Tom Cavalcanti and Clarice Falcon, the showrunner Pedro Antonio and the Head of Brazilian Original Content at Amazon Studios Malu Miranda talked with the company about the new production.

Brazil is the 10th country to debut its version of LOL. The criterion for choosing the participants, according to Malu Miranda, was to invest, in addition to the diversity of ethnicity and regional representatives, in different types of humor to diversify the content of these six hours.

Pedro Antonio agrees, saying that the cast was chosen thinking of different types of styles and diversity of participants. The criteria was that they played well, interacted and at the same time brought the diversity of Brazil to the screen. Clarice Falcão also spoke out, saying that diversity has contributed a lot to the program's operation due to issues of concept, principles, not isolating anyone and imposing what is humor, saying what is in fashion. It is very important to make a program that is not a slave to fashion, but at the same time popular that it manages to reach everyone. Malu also adds that it is through diversity that Brazil is really represented and says that Amazon invests in diversity on and off screen, with the production team and screenwriters, from development to production. The more diversified the company can be, the better for the subscriber, for the content itself.

About the mix of generations in the presentation and in the cast, he collaborated a lot for the operation of the program for reasons of concept, principle, not isolating anyone and imposing what is the humor, what is in fashion. It is very important to make a program that is not a slave to fashion, but at the same time popular that it manages to reach everyone.

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Igor Guimarães was one of the participants who stood out the most, even with several colleagues claiming that he was the most difficult competitor and the biggest fear they had in the program was to face him. Speaking to the press, all he claims is that his favorite moment was walking in and finding he had plenty of food.

The productions at this time of COVID are complicated and the participants committed on the way that Amazon and the producer Format handled the recordings. Flavia Reis reveals that a period of quarantine was carried out with the participants isolated in rooms, for about a week. She adds that the experience of getting out of this isolation for a huge production like that was very gratifying.

Lol: Se Rir Já Era | Participantes revelam motivo da produção brasileira se destacar das outras 1
Lol: If you laugh it's over/ Amazon Prime

They point out that a relevant detail about the difficulty is that any small laugh was computed and could be eliminated. There was no need for a laugh, just a lift of the mouth and everyone commented that this made the game very difficult.

About his participation, Nani People says that there is no strategy per se, but when it does stand up, the main focus is text. All the comedians in this case used another way of doing comedy, which is performance, as the text wouldn't surprise you enough. Sometimes the rebuttal of the answer was more important. She ends with a reflection, claiming that learning to laugh at yourself is the best way to laugh freely. It doesn't matter where you laugh, rather have it in your frame of mind.

Lol: Se Rir Já Era | Participantes revelam motivo da produção brasileira se destacar das outras 2
Lol: If you laugh it's over/ Amazon Prime

Pedro Antonio declares that Lol: If Laughing It's Over it was a rewarding challenge to his showrunner career. Bringing a format that already exists in other countries to Brazil, shaping it in a way that fits the country is a challenge. He also comments that he has never dealt with so many different comedians and proposals, he had to get into their heads and deal with them, but he couldn't direct, so he tried to provide support and conversations beforehand so that they would buy the idea for the show, without modulating or giving notice at the time that it was for each one to use each strategy and was surprised with the result of the moment chosen by them.

Clarice Falcão says that the difference between the Brazilian version and other versions is that in Brazil the participants went further in favor of comedy. The Brazilian version is more cocky and she thinks it's the best. She even claims that it's great to have other female comedians on your side, comedy is a medium that still doesn't take women well and seeing five talented comedians leveled is wonderful.

And will there be a second season? Malu Miranda replies that they really want this opportunity. LOL has been a big hit in other countries and they hope to soon announce a new season.

In closing, Clarice Falcão leaves a message for the public: Grab some popcorn and have fun. I had a lot of fun, if you guys have half as much fun watching my friends' videos, it will be great!

Lol: If Laughing It's Over premieres December 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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