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Lov3 | Prime Video's new national series invests in unconventional relationships


New national bet Amazon Prime Video, lov3 debut bringing different relationships. The plot introduces the brothers Sofia (Bella Camero), Beto (João Oliveira) and A-N-A (Elen Clarice), each with their different way of loving. Next to them is the story of their mother Baby (Chris Couto), who decides to leave her husband, faust (Donizeti Mazonas), and a 35-year marriage.

In a press conference, Gustavo Bonafé, one of the series' directors, stressed the importance of this plot and commented on the decision to approach different, unconventional relationships. According to him, “these are situations that happen in life, people are entering different ways of loving, leaving the conventional and it is important to report these changes also on screen, so that these people feel represented.”

This theme also has its difficulties. Regarding the difficulties of each relationship, the director reveals that “he thinks the individual path is super important and guarantees that they are all legitimate. Sofia, who will be involved with a trisal, is one of the most complex in his opinion. She is a difficult woman, which may be too much for just one person and finds herself sharing herself with more. Baby is just as interesting for him, coming out of a relationship in midlife after more than 30 years of marriage and seeking his individual freedom.”

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Investing in this theme was a success. Malu Miranda, Head of Brazilian Original Content for Amazon Studios, revealed that “Prime Video was interested in the plot and relationships because it is original, the company invests in stories that are difficult to find elsewhere. The executives from outside Brazil really liked the premise too, a young modern world meeting and it works in a universal and timeless way.” lov3 will have global distribution, so it's important to please every kind of culture.

For Felipe Braga, principal, “The pandemic created a greater sense of urgency in people, in the sense of following what they want in life and that reflects on the screen. lov3 it shows that moment, of chasing what makes you happy and that sense of urgency, as the characters believed for a long time that they knew what they wanted, but postponed to pursue it and now will go after their goals.”

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Bob has a very important path in this series, needing approval and trying to find himself in that quest while he finds himself in the homosexual world. About this, the interpreter João Oliveira confesses that playing the character “was a very rich investigation to be able to validate and place this urgency of love in the world. It was a very rich learning process and the research was very big, getting to know this new gigantic universe and representing with great responsibility and affection”. The actor also claims that this process “also reflects in him the ability to gain power and discover his power, as well as the character.”

Image: Prime Video

Bella Carnero, who plays Sofia, comments that the most integral particularity in creating her character was “the process of understanding the inner objective, taking away the outer layers of the character, was very rich. It was a path of self-knowledge. Sofia has a lot of armor for the world, with a lot of content underneath. They're all like that, brothers, and it's interesting the evolution of removing those layers and finding the courage to throw yourself into the world the way you want to."

Baby has a dysfunctional relationship with all her children, but with Ana it's even more complicated. Elen Clarice, who plays Ana, comments that the reason is because “Baby mirrors and projects her frustrations on Ana. When she realizes that this brings obstacles and blocks in her life, it is revealing for Ana, who starts to run after her identity free from the anguish caused by Baby's projection.”

Image: Prime Video

lov3 addresses the Covid pandemic in a subtle way, through dialogues and moments that indicate that it happened, but it has passed. Commenting on this, Braga reveals that “they chose to look at the pandemic with a focus on what it represents culturally and the changes it has caused in the lives of each individual. These remarkable changes were weighed in the script and the team weighed what should be left in order to represent this moment.”

Wrapping up, Miranda comments on the season finale hook and the show's future. “We all hope that Lov3 gets a new season, mainly because the final hook is too interesting to explore.” Nothing has been officially confirmed.

lov3 premieres on February 18 at Prime Video.



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